Best Bets: OWL Stage 1 Week 3

With the playoff picture for Stage One starting to take shape, the established teams from last year are clinging desperately to their status as expansion teams start to make waves. London Spitfire and Los Angeles Valiant haven’t commanded that same respect that made them fearsome opponents in Stage Four, and previously incompatible teams like the Dallas Fuel and Boston Uprising are showing their worth in spades. To get your best value from all the Overwatch League action this weekend, take a look at this guide breaking down the not-so- favored favorites of Week Three.

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. London Spitfire – Day 2

Although the London Spitfire are still in a slump from their early season, the odds makers have London as a slight favorite over Los Angeles Gladiators. LA Gladiators haven’t impressed greatly in their Season Two debut, but there’s still plenty of potential left to be seen on this roster. This week’s game against London is a perfect opportunity to show that flare.


© Robert Paul | Blizzard Entertainment

London as a whole have looked rather shaky as a team, and they have a weird ability to seemingly ‘turn it on’ when the game isn’t trending in their favor. Against LAG, they will need to be better than their opponent for four games straight and if they aren’t ready to stand up to the challenge they may suffer yet another shock defeat in their early season run.

Shanghai Dragons vs. Dallas Fuel – Day 3

No matter the favorite in this match up, the reality of the matter is almost every in the Overwatch League is a coin flip in these early goings. Shanghai Dragons picked up their first win ever last week, but they will need something more to overcome a team that has grown so proficient within the GOATS meta.


© Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel picked up a major scalp last week as they took a tight series away from Philadelphia Fusion. Even still, Dallas have shown a bit of shakiness when they’re going against players that can frustrate their communication. Shanghai possess a variety of players on their roster that can make life difficult for their team, it’s just a matter of whether or not they show up on game day.

Boston Uprising vs. Toronto Defiant – Day 4

Boston Uprising continue to turn heads in their games regardless of whether they win or lose. Their attitude as an up and coming team has been so refreshing to see as the rest of the community wrote off their chances so early. Just yesterday, Boston secured a win over Seoul Dynasty in dramatic fashion, trouncing them 3-1. Their returning Main Tank Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth has shown out since the competitive ruling to let him keep playing as a two-way player. Look for him to be the pulse of this Boston team if they upset Toronto Defiant on Sunday.


© Boston Uprising

Toronto Defiant have looked uber impressive in their wins, and dismally ineffective in their losses. In their outing against Atlanta Reign, Toronto seemed to lack answers for the multi-pronged threat of Atlanta. Although Boston don’t possess a standout Zarya player to mimc the Dafran heroics in that game, their team play across the board has proved clinical in close games. Expect a nail biter in our opening game for Day 4.