Best Bets: Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 4

After three weeks, the questions have been answered regarding the best current teams in the GOATS meta at this level. Week Four will be a matter of consistency for most teams as they try to solidify their place in the standings with Stage Playoffs right around the corner. This week also trends to be a much more straightforward one in terms of results as noticeably established teams are squaring off the bottom of the pack. Don’t expect many upsets in this following week of action, but the ones that do rise to the occasion will surely be a spectacle.

New York Excelsior vs San Francisco Shock – Day 2

While Day One of Week Four has more predictable matchups, Day Two offers a few more curveballs to the spectator as two top tier rosters square off. New York Excelsior has looked noticeably comfortable in their games last week and the week prior. San Francisco on the other hand have had to work harder to attain their record after a tough first week.


© Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

New York should no doubt be considered the favorite in this matchup, but the odds are skewed a bit too heavily in their favor given the latent potential on SF Shock’s roster. There’s a chance SF Shock can sneak away a game or two in the face of defeat, but if NYXL don’t show up with full intentions to win, they could possibly throw away this series simply by underestimating their opponent.

Guangzhou Charge vs Los Angeles Gladiators – Day 3

Los Angeles Gladiators have had a tough road en route to finding their new groove as a team this season. After Fissure’s departure, and the establishment of triple tank and triple healer in the meta, little has gone the way of LA Gladiators and they hope to change their luck this coming week. Gladiators face two tough opponents this week as they take on Atlanta Reign and Guangzhou Charge just two days apart.


© Guangzhou Charge

Guangzhou Charge have shown some stellar performances in the Overwatch League so far, and will likely continue their showcase against LAG barring any last minute changes to their roster. If Guangzhou are not the clear favorite, there is a great chance to pick up a steal here. But LA Gladiators do possess the players to pull off a win against this bilingual roster as well. Both teams are still in a transition phase, but Guangzhou has had the easier schedule thus far which is why they ‘look’ better on paper.

Hangzhou Spark vs Toronto Defiant – Day 3

In the final game of Day Three, Hangzhou Spark and Toronto Defiant face off in a pick em’ matchup. Spark and Defiant sit four places away from each other in the standings with Defiant having just one map win more than their opponent. Hangzhou Spark admittedly have looked streaky, but there’s no denying Defiant have their own weaknesses that can be exploited.


© Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Hangzhou Spark have been working tirelessly to bridge the communication gaps between their Korean players and their non Korean players. Last week’s close game against the LA Gladiators was a testament to their progress, but they will need to take that progress a step further if they want to beat Toronto Defiant in impressive fashion. Defiant hold their place firm as the favorite in this matchup, but crazier upsets have taken place on the Overwatch League stage.