Overwatch “Skins in the Game” – Support your favorite OWL team!

The Overwatch League wants to count how much love and support we can give our favorite team with the new “Skins in the Game” mini-event running between May 27-31.

It is not only “Showdown” time in the Overwatch world. While the best Contenders team are heading to the Atlantic/Pacific showdowns to fight for their ticket to The Gauntlet, the OWL teams are having a showdown of their own.


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All of the twenty OWL teams are in this “competition”, and all the Overwatch players need to do is to select a themed team champion skin in a Competitive or Quickplay match in order to participate. With the break period between Stages and the recent All-Stars hype behind us. Nothing compares to the real hype The Overwatch League is going to create with this mini-event. Meer trophies and funds are nothing compared to the ultimate prize of having control over the official Instagram account @overwatchleague and having it branded entirely with your favorite team colors.

On June 3rd one team will get the ultimate bragging rights and showcase they have the most loyal and active fan base in the league. The OWL even promises to keep scores at twitter during the event so you can keep track of your teams progress while the event is ongoing.

Some participation rules do apply.

Participants must complete the map you start while wearing the skin they select (even in OT). The All-star skins don’t count towards the total score, and you have to play in a Quickplay or Competitive match. That’s all.

With the recent San Francisco Shock win over my beloved Vancouver Titans in the Phase 2 finals, I am going full Titans on this one. I hope it will be #MyOWLTeam taking over the OWL Instagram next week.

Those fans that won’t make it this time around will have a chance to show their support once more between July 15-21, as Blizzard is going to make this event a regular occurrence.

See you on King’s Row.