Vancouver Titans branding leaked for Overwatch League

The Vancouver OWL organization, owned by Aquilini Group, may have had their franchising logo inadvertently leaked by reddit sleuths this week. The Aquilini Group is a diversified family business with sporting history backing the National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks, as well as owning the Rogers Arena they play in. Earlier this year, Aquilini brought in the established Canadian Esports organization Luminosity Gaming to run their team operations given their years of expertise in the space.

Setting the tempo

The Vancouver OWL organization has been quieter than most expansion teams so far in the offseason. Earlier in the month, four of the five logos for prospective Overwatch League expansion teams were leaked and proven to be correct. The one team remaining off that list was Vancouver who have done well so far to keep their business under wraps.


© Blizzard Entertainment

However, that ironclad silence soon broke under pressure this week as it was ‘announced’ Vancouver’s Overwatch team would dawn a color scheme similar to the Vancouver Canucks. The Vancouver Titans will reportedly dawn a dark green and blue color pattern with white as their tertiary color. If this leak is proven correct, we will finally have a logo and branding structure for each of the new expansion teams heading into the 2019 season.

This news comes as no surprise given the timing of every other teams announcements. Even though Vancouver’s complete roster hasn’t been leaked, many sources are claiming the inevitable signing of at least four of the championship winning RunAway players from OW Contenders: Korea will be making their way to North America with Vancouver as the only logical option left on the table.


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With players like Hyo-jong “Haksal” Kim and Sang-beom “Bumper” Park ready to make their long awaited debuts in the Overwatch League, expectations are higher than ever for this expansion team given the number of talented players at their disposal.

Sky high expectations

Vancouver have done right to invest their resources into a solid team of players that know what it’s like to play and win as a complete roster. Furthering their dominance in the Overwatch League will be a testament to their strength as a unit. Expect the Vancouver Titans to come out of the gate swinging this year, they have the makeup to be the strongest expansion team coming into the Overwatch League.


© Aquilini

Aquilini Group have also spared no expenses when it comes to the teams living condition, reportedly investing $20 million dollars into a deluxe team house with all the amenities a team could ask for, with chefs, sports psychologists and other training personnel all at their disposal. If the players at Vancouver continue their form from last season that took them to 1st place in Korea, the variables for success are in their favor once the team gets accustomed to life abroad.

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