OWL Playoffs tonight and you have few hours to finalize your bracket

The 2020 Overwatch League season has had problems and troubles for the better part of this year. From cancelled homestands to lockdowns and stars leaving the league; It has been a tough year for competitive Overwatch. Despite all the hardship, Blizzard is still committed to competitive play and is moving forward with the Overwatch Postseason.

The Overwatch League Playoffs are set to open later today with two exciting match-ups. Outlaws/Uprising and Titans/Justice mark the begging of the Overwatch postseason. A special OWL Bracket Builder contest is also running for everyone seeking to make a buck on predicting the entire Playoffs.

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OWL Playoffs Bracket

Very similar to what we saw during the May Melee and the Summer Showdown, the keys to the 2020 playoffs came out. There was a whole support work for the seven teams in Asia and for the thirteen teams in North America. All 20 teams will qualify for the playoffs, according to their rankings. The rules select only the starting matchups, after which each team selects their next opponent.

Better ranked teams will have greater benefits in the Playoffs Bracket. Teams with lower standings will have to play at a disadvantage. Furthermore, only the starting and play-in games will be single elimination and everything thereafter will be in the double elimination format.

Only four teams will remain at the end, two from North America and two from Asia. These four will compete for the title in a double elimination tournament on during the October 8-10 weekend. The Grand Final is set to take place in Asia. To allow teams to travel safely, they will have a few weeks of rest and training before playing the Grand Final.

If by the end of the first weeks of Playoffs the League considers that the trip breaches safety and risk rules for players, the two finalists in each region will play a series of games to crown a champion for each region.

NA Playoffs Brackets

For North America, we will have the clashes between Houston Outlaws x Boston Uprising and Washington Justice x Vancouver Titans tonight. LA Gladiators, Atlanta Region and Dallas Fuel expect the results of the first day to make their selection and debut the next day.

On Saturday, Round 3 will take place, with Philadelphia Fusion, Florida Mayhem, San Francisco Shock and Paris Eternal waiting for their opponents.

OWL Playoffs NA

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Asia Playoffs Brackets

On the Asian side, Round 1 will have just the one confrontation between Chengdu Hunters vs London Spitfire to get things going. The next day, New York Excelsior and Hangzhou Spark will select their opponents. Likewise, in Round 3, Shanghai Dragons and Guangzhou Charge await their debut.

OWL Bracket Builder Contest

The OWL Playoffs have a big prize pot. Apart from the teams there are prizes to be won by spectators and fans we well. A special bracket building contest is running for everyone trying to predict the perfect Overwatch League Playoffs bracket. The winner or winners will take up to $100,000 for creating the perfect bracket. If you miss by a little, but still have a solid bracket you are eligible for up to $10,000 in prize funds. Those that are not so good at predicting outcomes can still win some OWL merch courtsey of Jeff Staple.

The bracket builder contest is running up until the first match of Playoffs kicks-off on September 3rd. This means you only have a few hours left to make your perfect bracket a reality.

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