Esports News

December 31, 2019
LoL Esports

Turkish League of Legends team sanctioned for mistreating players

League of Legends is the most popular esport in the world – teams from all over the planet are constantly competing in various leagues and competitions around the globe. WhileMore
December 30, 2019

Fortnite’s Next Live Event for New Years 2020 Leaks

Fortnite Chapter 2 opened with one of the biggest and most talked-about live events in a game ever. The world kind of ended, and then it didn’t. It made a hugeMore
December 27, 2019
Mobile Games

5G Set to Boost Mobile Gaming

The global move from 4G to 5G networks will deliver faster download speeds and lower latency times than ever before vastly improving mobile game play experience. S&P Global Market IntelligenceMore
December 27, 2019

Why Are So Many Fortnite Pros Switching to Controllers?

Fortnite is primarily played on the PC with a mouse and keyboard, at least professionally. This has always been accepted as the best way to play, like playing Street FighterMore
December 26, 2019

PUBG esports executive director leaves organisation, looking for new opportunities

Jake “The Jaker” Sin has just announced his departure from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – on his Twitter of all things. He mentioned that he is looking for new opportunities and thatMore
December 26, 2019
Esports Industry

How Many Governing Bodies Do Esports Really Need?

Disclaimer: It is the reader’s responsibility to verify their own facts. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect theMore
December 24, 2019
Esports Industry

ATU to Launch Asia’s First Dedicated Esports Private Equity Fund

ATU Partners plans what will be the first private equity fund entirely focused on esports investment in Asia titled the “ATU Esports Growth Fund.” The new fund will begin withMore
December 23, 2019
Esports Industry

Germany once again at the forefront of esports development

Once again Germany is paving the way for the wider recognition of esports as a competitive discipline. Starting in March 2020, esports athletes and professionals can obtain a dedicated esportsMore
December 20, 2019

Mark Hamill Joins Ninja for Fortnite Star Wars Crossover

Star Wars becomes somewhat inescapable during the release of a new movie. It dominates pretty much anywhere you find ads or people discussing online, it had even creped its wayMore
December 20, 2019

EPICENTER 2019 Playoffs Predictions – Who Has the Biggest Chances to Advance?

Now that the EPICENTER 2019 group stage has been concluded, we are in for a real treat. A total of 5 matches will be played throughout the playoffs and thisMore
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