LoL Pacific Championship Series Offseason – Key roster moves into next season

Now that we’ve covered all the major regions in our off-season Roster Trackers, we now will take a look at the PCS, the Pacific Championship Series. There are plenty of unknowns about this region, with three slots still unfilled ahead of the 2022 Spring Split, and Hong Kong Attitude pulling out of the competition a month prior.

We don’t yet know which teams will play in the PCS, yet the ones we do know, are making some big moves.

PSG Hanabi PCS

Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang

Doggo leaves the PCS to join BLG for 2022

The PCS off-season has not been one of the best ones so far. Some of the most talented players from last year are leaving for a greater competition. Former Beyond Gaming ADC Chiu “Doggo” Tzu-Chuan left the league to pursue higher achievements in the LPL, joining BiliBili Gaming.

The marksman will be teaming up with Uzi and the rest of the BLG superteam. It’s not sure whether he will play a lot due to Uzi’s presence, but he will have the golden chance to show his worth in one of the strongest leagues in the world.

PSG Talon partially revamps their PCS roster

Last year, PSG Talon made a name for themselves when they reached a top 4 finish at the Mid-Season Invitational. Domestically, PSG Talon was a league above everyone else: throughout the whole two regular splits, the team only lost one series. In Summer, the organization achieved the perfect 18-0 split. Following the end of Summer, the team was hoping for a stronger result, but the team was eliminated at the Group Stage, finishing 3rd in group C.

In this off-season, PSG made the decision to partially rebuild its roster. Jungler River joined Dignitas in the LCS, while Maple went over to the LPL, playing for Anyone’s Legend (previously known as Rogue Warriors). To replace them, PSG called in a Korean import jungle-mid duo: Juhan and Bay. Both players come from Nongshim RedForce Challengers, the second team from the LCK CL.

PSG also picked up a new top laner Azhi and a second mid laner Kanna. The first joins after almost two years on Berjaya Dragons, while Kanna is basically a rookie with no competitive experience. It will be interesting to see if the organization plans on playing around the Korean duo or will want to nurture the new talent.

J Team and BYG revamp their rosters

Speaking of rebuilds, J Team and Beyond Gaming have made a lot of roster moves in this PCS off-season. Former HK attitude jungler Kongyue, former LNG Academy mid laner Fawn, and former Berjaya Dragon support Enso join Jay Chou’s team for the 2022 season. The goal will be to improve last year’s results: based on the individual talents in this team, J Team has a strong chance to perform well in the next season.

BYG, on the other hand, had to find its replacements after Doggo’s departure and mid laner Maoan’s scandal. To fix the lineup, the organization looked to pick up some of the better options left from the other teams. Top laner Likai, mid laner Minji and SeNBon, as well as ADC Wako will be the new BYG players. The team might not be as strong on paper compared to 2021’s roster, but it will be a good contender for the championship, especially considering the “lower” competition.