Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022 – Power Rankings

The Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022 is live from June 8 to June 11 2022 in Lund, Sweden. Eight teams will be taking part and the winner will get a prize of $150,000.

The eight teams will be divided into two groups and go up against each other in the round robin format before taking each other on in the playoffs. The teams participating in this tournament are quite strong, with quite a few breaking the top 20 rankings.

Here’s a little preview of the teams taking part in the tournament.


1. Heroic

The Danish side are the current favorites in this tournament and are ranked 9th in the world. They haven’t been in the best of form recently, having lost four of their last seven matches but will have to forget recent history and show why they are one of the best sides in the world once again. They’ve been drawn in Group A.

Their star is 20-year-old Stavn. He has an all-time average of 0.73 kills per round, 0.14 assists per round, 0.68 deaths per round, KAST of 70.6% and KD ratio of 1.07.

2. Astralis

Let’s have a look at the favorites in Group B. Astralis, currently ranked 13th in the world, are itching to do something big in this tournament to break into the top-10 again.

They’ll be expected to make it past the group stages at the very minimum and leading that charge will be 26-year-old Xyp9x, who is a 4-time major winner. He has a KD ratio of 1.08, deals damage of 74.9 per round, averages 0.66 kills, 0.16 assists and 0.61 deaths per round.

3. BIG

Next up are the German side, BIG, who are ranked 11th in the world. They’ll believe that they’re up there with the likes of Heroic in having enough firepower in their side to win this tournament. They’ve been in decent nick, winning three of their last four matches and will be hoping to take that form into this tournament. They’ve also been drawn in Group A.

Their key performer is 27-year-old tabseN. He has a KD ratio of 1.04, averages 0.73 kills per round, 0.16 assists per round, 0.70 deaths per round and has dealt 84.9 damage per round.


Brazilian side MIBR will be a tough match for anyone. They have a world ranking of 23 and head into this tournament in good form with three wins. They aren’t expected to win this tournament and have got a pretty tough group as well. If they make it out of the knockouts, that’ll be a job well done.

They’ll need 24-year-old chelo to put his best foot forward. He has an all-time KD ratio of 1.09, averages 0.72 kills per round, 0.13 assists, 0.65 deaths per round and has dealt 78 damage per round.

5. Finest

Another side that isn’t heading into this match in the best of form are Finest, who are ranked 29th in the world. They’ve lost their last two matches and have some difficult opponents in this group, who won’t make it any easier for them.

They’ll need 22-year-old Anarkez to come through for them. He has an all-time KD ratio of 1.11, deals 73.2 damage, averages 0.72 kills, 0.09 assists and 0.65 death per round. If the make it to the knockouts, they’ll be fairly pleased with themselves.

6. Fnatic

The last side to be previewed from group A, Fnatic are unseeded and a bit of an unknown heading into this tournament. They’ve been in poor form and a few wins on the board will do quite nicely for them.

Their main man is two-time Major winner Krimz. They’ll need to fire on all cylinders. He has a KD ratio of 1.10, averages 0.70 kills per round, 0.15 assists per round, 0.64 deaths per round and has dealt 76.4 damage per round.

7. Imperial

Another Brazilian side, Imperial are ranked just below Astralis at 14. They head into this match in really bad form with three losses on the trot and will want to enter this competition by leaving the recent pass behind them.

Key to that will be 2-time major winner, fer. He has a KD ratio of 1.11, deals 83 damage, averages 75 kills, 0.15 assists and 0.68 deaths per round.

8. EG.PA

The American side will not be expected to win this tournament but facing off against some of these top sides will be a great experience for the 42nd ranked team in the world. They’ll be quite happy if they can get a few wins and overjoyed if they make it out of the group stages.

They’ll need Canadian player Jonji to dream big. He has an all-time KD ratio of 0.98, deals 80.7 damage per round, averages 70 kills per round, 0.17 assists and 0.71 deaths per round. He’ll need more than that and the help of his teammates to make a greater mark in this tournament.

The tournament promises to be very exciting with lots of teams in with a chance to upset the applecart and win it all.