Pinnacle Winter Series #1 Playoffs – Match Analysis and Hot Picks

Four insanely lucrative matches are happening at the Pinnacle Winter Series Playoffs this week. We scouted some interesting side markets and some outrights for a nice selection of singles picks you can wager on at various esports betting sites.

Scroll down for a match by match analysis and my own picks for the opening round of Playoffs at this event.

Max “Marix” Kugener | Sprout

Sprout vs K23

After making significant roster changes, Sprout is still looking like a solid CSGO roster. They proved that in the last three matches by beating Endpoint, Dignitas, and 1WIN. On the other hand, K23 struggled in their last match against HEET. In our opinion, they could have easily won that much, but in the end, they suffered a defeat without winning a map.

Map pool is easy to predict for this match. Vertigo and Nuke are getting permabanned. This will leave Sprout with Ancient while K23 will probably go for Mirage as their map choice. If necessary, this match will end up on either Dust 2 or Overpass.

Let’s summarize this prediction. Both teams are in decent shape and they have a deep map pool. Sprout should definitely be favored on Ancient while K23 will have a solid chance to win Mirage. This is what we are going to base our prediction on, both teams winning their map pick.

Prediction: Total Maps Played(2.5) – Over
Odds: 1.90
Betting Site: Betway

Apeks vs Endpoint

This Pinnacle Winter Series match is quite easy to predict. Apeks is riding a five-match win streak while Endpoint only won one match in their last three played. Map veto should go as follows. Apeks will for sure remove Dust 2 while Overpass is a no-go for Endpoint. Mirage, Vertigo, Ancient, and Nuke are all the maps where we favor Apeks. They also proved that they are a better team in their last bout against Endpoint and the same thing is going to happen once again.

Prediction: Apeks to win
Odds: 1.826
Betting Site: Pinnacle

Dignitas vs Eternal Fire

The Swedish roster led by f0rest is playing on a high level right now. Five victories out of the last six matches is quite an impressive stat, right? Eternal Fire is also on fire currently as they won four straight.

Map veto will probably go as follows. Ancient and Dust 2 are getting banned first. Last time around, Eternal Fire went for Vertigo as their map pick, and this is likely to happen again. Dignitas, however, will have the best chance of winning on Nuke.

All in all, this is going to be an exciting match to watch. Both teams are in great form right now and they are playing at a high level. Even though Dignitas won the last match against Eternal Fire, we believe that this bout will be more exciting and that a decider will have to be played in order to determine a winner.

Prediction: Total Maps Played(2.5) – Over
Odds: 1.85
Betting Site:

Wisla Krakow vs MOUZ NXT

If you ever watched MOUZ NXT compete, then you will know how good this team is. Contrary to that, Wisla Krakow is not a team that we are expecting much from, but the fact is, they are a stable tier 2 team.

When it comes to map veto, we can safely say that Vertigo and Overpass are two maps we are not going to see. MOUZ NXT can opt-in for either Mirage or Ancient and they will win these maps comfortably. Wisla Krakow, however, will only have a chance on Inferno and we are not rating them high on this map at all. As for the remaining maps, MOUZ NXT is much better everywhere except on Dust 2.

All in all, we believe that MOUZ NXT will show what they are made of and they will beat Wisla Krakow easily.

Prediction: MOUZ NXT to win
Odds: 1.90
Betting Site: GG.BET