PMPL Pakistan teams yet to recieve prize money more than 6 months later

The prize pool for the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Pakistan Spring Split, which happened from March to April 2022, hasn’t been paid out yet. One of the top teams from the tournament, i8 Esports made a lengthy Instagram post about the situation.

The PMPL Pakistan Spring Split took place from March 22 to April 17. It was the inaugural season of the PMPL Pakistan and 24 teams from across the country competed for the title of champions and a share of the $100,000 prize pool. Team i8 Esports won the league stage of the tournament and placed third in the grand finals.

PMPL Pakistan Teams Not Paid

Six months on, teams still not received their payments

According to the PUBG Mobile competitive rulebook, teams are to receive their prize pool within 90 days of completing the tournament. However, i8 Esports alleges that even 190 days later, they have still not received a single dollar.

The esports org also said in its Instagram post that none of the other teams have received the prize money as well. The org said that the organizer, Nodwin Gaming, had given them multiple deadlines, but none of these were met. Now, the India-based esports company is even unresponsive to i8 Esports’ messages.

“We (the teams) get to face these delays almost after every official event/ tournament hosted by Nodwin Gaming,” i8 Esports wrote.

Nodwin Gaming or Tencent haven’t publicly responded to these allegations yet.

Teami8 Statement

PMPL Pakistan teams allege other issues with receiving the payment as well

Besides the delay in receiving the money, i8 Esports also alleged that Nodwin Gaming is breaking another rule concerning payment. The official rulebook states that all teams must receive their prize money in USD. However, according to i8 Esports, they receive it in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) which creates two problems.

Firstly, Nodwin Gaming uses an older conversion rate to process the money. With the Pakistani Rupee struggling, the currency has lost much of its value over the past year. This shouldn’t be a cause of concern for teams, though, as the rulebook states that the prize money should be credited in USD. Thus, it should be done with the present exchange rate despite the delays.

However, this isn’t the case and the esports orgs have to incur huge losses as a result.

On top of this, i8 Esports also alleged that as a result of receiving the prize pool in PKR, they have to incur much higher taxes. wasn’t independently able to verify this claim. According to i8 Esports, they have to pay 20 percent tax on payments in PKR. This is just one to two percent in USD.

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