Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule for September 2022

Every Tuesday in Pokémon GO, trainers might notice a single Pokémon appearing everywhere in the wild. For one hour, whatever the featured Pokémon is will be appearing almost exclusively everywhere.

Trainers can go around and collect all the candy they need and even have a chance at a shiny if it’s available.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour

Pokémon featured in Spotlight Hour this month

The Spotlight Hour is from 6 pm to 7 pm local time. Each Tuesday brings a new opportunity, so here’s what the schedule looks like.

September 6 – Munna

From 6 to 7, Munna will be spawning all over the map. During this hour, players will receive double the stardust for catching it. Normally, a Pokémon gives 100 stardust when it is caught, but during this hour, trainers can get 200. Munna just made its shiny debut at Pokémon GO Fest, so it is available in the alternate form as well.

Shiny Munna family comparison, coming during the GO Fest Finale event from TheSilphRoad


[Current week] September 13 – Ralts

Ralts will be available the following week. During that hour, trainers can earn twice the catch XP. Catch XP is increased by landing a Pokémon on the first throw, using a curveball throw and getting a nice, great or excellent throw. Ralts is available as a shiny Pokémon, too.

September 20 – Aron

From 6 to 7, trainers will see the Rock/Steel type Pokémon everywhere they go. It comes with double catch candy, meaning players will get six candy for every catch instead of three. If they use a Pinap Berry, they can earn 12 candy for catching one Aron! It is available shiny, so players might need 125 candies to evolve one if they are lucky enough catch it.

Spotlight Hour
Moving on to next week..

September 27- Minccino

Minccino will be frequently seen on Tuesday, September 27. During that hour, trainers will earn twice as much candy for transferring a Pokémon. Instead of just one candy, they can get two each time! Minccino can be shiny and it requires 50 candy to evolve to Cinccino.

Shiny odds for Spotlight Hour

Unfortunately, there is no shiny boost for Spotlight Hour. In a sense, there is because instead of just having one random chance, they have hundreds of random chances since they will see so many. However, the overall rate does not change.

It is still the roughly 1-in-450 rate for shinies. Community days and other events carry increased shiny odds, but Spotlight Hour does not. Trainers will still have to be extremely lucky to get a shiny version of Munna, Ralts, Aron and Minccino.