Pokémon UNITE Events: Full Calendar and List of Events for 2023

Pokémon UNITE events are happening all year long. It’s The Pokémon Company’s way of keeping the game active and giving players things to do across the game’s shelf life. Hosting events is an easy way for a game to extend that life. Either way, there are plenty of events all year long.

Pokemon Unite Events

These events often carry excellent rewards. They can be used to grant new Pokémon to players. They can also be used to get outfits and currency. To advance in the game, it is highly recommended that you take part in the events.

There is an Events tab in the game for you to see what events are happening. Also, the game will often promote its biggest events to entice players to participate. Here’s all the current and past UNITE events.

Active Pokémon UNITE events

Right now, there are a few great events going on. Additionally, these carry excellent rewards for active players:

Event NameDurationRewards
Sweet Login BonusFebruary 1st - 15th, 202320 Aeos Tickets
Background (Tea Party Style)
Frame (Tea Party Style)
3-Day Battle Point Boost Card 
3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card 
7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card 
Extra-Energy Tank
Sweet Challenge MissionsFebruary 1st - 15th, 2023200 Aeos Tickets
Bracelet (Sweet)
Bandanna (Sweet)
Ribbon Headband 
Comfey Login BonusFebruary 2nd - 16th, 2023Comfey Limited License
Aeos Ticket
1-Day Battle Boost Point Card
1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card
3-Day Battle Boost Point Card
3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card
Extra-Energy Tank
Season 9 Rank RewardJanuary 16th - 27th, 2023Aeos Ticket
UNITE Ranked Set (S9)
Background (S9)
Sticker (S9)
Snapshot Frame (S9)
Battle Pass Season 13December 26th, 2022 -
March 3rd, 2023
Aeos Ticket
Aeos Coin
Item Enhancer
Emblem Boxes
Trainer Outfits

There are frequent events when new Pokemon are added, like when Comfey made its debut. UNITE also occasionally works in conjunction with other Pokémon games.

Upcoming/Recurring Pokémon UNITE Events in 2023

Alternatively, there are several events that happen frequently. There are also several planned for later:

Daily Missions

  • Aeos Tickets
  • Aeos Coins
  • Item Enhancers

Score Challenge

  • 1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card
  • Energy Boost Tank
  • Aeos Coins
  • Item Enhancers

Battle Training

  • Aeos Ticket
  • Item Enhancer
  • Random 3-Day Limited License

Assist Crash Course!

  • Aeos Ticket
  • Item Enhancer

These events and those of similar type will often be available throughout the year.

Permanent events in Pokémon UNITE

Furthermore, The Pokémon Company has permanent events for players. These events are always available depending on whether or not trainers meet the criteria.

Gift Code Exchange
Returning Player Event
  • Available for two weeks after returning from a two week or more hiatus.
    • Item Enhancer
    • Pikachu Set (7-Day Rental)
    • Aeos Coins
    • Aeos Tickets
    • Energy Boost Tanks
    • 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card
    • 7-Day Limited License Selection Box
    • Corphish Headband (30-Day Rental)
    • UNITE License Selection Box

14-Day Welcome Gifts
  • Available when you log in every day for two weeks after starting a new account
    • Aeos Coins
    • Aeos Tickets
    • Alolan Ninetales License
    • Cinderace License
    • Greninja License
    • Sporty Set Outfit
    • Beach Style: Venusaur

Beginner Challenge
  • Available for 30 days after reaching level three
    • Aeos Coins
    • Item Enhancer
    • Crustle License
    • Crustle Set Outfit
    • Held Items

Super Item Enhancement Missions Event Guide
  • Available when account is created
    • Super Item Enhancer

Zeraora Mission
  • Available since September 22 2021
    • Aeos Coins
    • Aeos Tickets
    • Item Enhancers
    • Zeraora License

Held Item Enhancement Support Missions
  •  Since September 22 2021
    • Item Enhancers

Max-Grade Trial Campaign Guide
  •  Since September 22 2021
    • 7-Day Max Grade Trial Card

Link Account
  • Since November 16 2021
    • Aeos Coins

Moreover, there are a lot of events for newcomers so it’s always a good time to start playing. Additionally, if you haven’t played in a while, there are events for returning players. Always, Pokémon UNITE makes sure there are things going on for all players.

All Pokémon UNITE events

Here’s an extensive all events list below. Some have come and gone, and while players missed out on the rewards these events had to offer, there are still plenty more available:

  • Sweet Login Bonus – February 1 – February 15 2023
  • Sweet Challenge Missions – February 1 – February 15 2023
  • Comfey Login Bonus – February 2 – February 16 2023
  • Season 9 Rank Reward – January 16 – February 27 2023
  • Battle Pass Season 13 – December 26 2022 – March 3r 2023
  • Holidays 2022 – December 1 2022 – December 26 2022
  • Halloween Festival 2022 – October 27 – November 13 2022
  • Legacy Trainer Showdown – September 9 2022 – October 7 2022
  • Pika Party – August 4 2022 – September 1 2022
  • Catch ‘Em Battles – May 30 2022 – June 27 2022
  • Pokemon Day 2022 – February 24 2022 – March 15 2022
  • Holiday Festivities – December 15 2021 – January 7 2022
  • Halloween Festival – October 20 – November 7 2021

Lastly, be sure to keep an eye on the game to know if they’ve released new events.

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