Pokken Tournament competitive play ends, sequel potentially on the way

Pokken Tournament was released in 2015 and quickly became a hit. The following year, the game began hosting competitive tournaments. This year, Pokken Tournament hosted the sixth one.

In a sense, Pokken is a similar game to Super Smash Bros. It just uses Pokémon instead of characters like Mario, Link and Steve from Minecraft. Ultimately, that sixth tournament will be the last one for this title.

The Pokémon Company does have Pokémon UNITE to fill the competitive void in the franchise. However, Pokken Tournament was another strong option. It had a stellar six-year run, which has sadly come to an end. Most games do not have terribly long shelf lives. Mainline Pokémon games last for a few years before the next generation comes out. Sword and Shield hit shelves in 2019 and Scarlet and Violet will do so in 2022. The fact that Pokken Tournament lasted six years is impressive.

Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament

The end of competitive play signals the end of the game’s active life. Players will certainly still play it, but they will not do so for prizes or prestige. The game began on the Wii U and transitioned to the Nintendo Switch. All the while, it maintained a presence in the competitive field that Pokémon games have largely been absent from.

Is a sequel coming to Pokken Tournament?

However, this does not necessarily spell the end for Pokémon fighting games. Clearly, the game was a hit and the Pokémon Company would be foolish not to realize that. A sequel to the game is more than warranted and just might be on the way. A leaker has suggested that a sequel is on the way and that the announcement might come this year.

A sequel would be well-received as the original had a devoted player base. This would also allow Pokémon players to continue playing in the competitive space they normally cannot enter. Regular Pokémon games have no competitive features. Games like Pokémon GO have the bare minimum.

It should be noted that leaks are not official sources of news. There is a chance that Pokken Tournament 2 is announced this year, because many leaks do not come from nowhere. However, until that announcement comes, it is speculative at best. The game’s sequel may or may not be in the works. What is true is that the shelf life for the original is winding down now.