Polygon charges past Ethereum with active user numbers

Crypto gaming has just seen a quiet but major upset – for the first time ever, another crypto gaming chain has managed to overtake giant Ethereum as far as addresses go. Active addresses, that is – in other words, addresses that are active daily. That’s a huge milestone – while Bitcoin has always been the undisputed leader when it comes to sheer value, Ethereum has long since led the charge against competitors when it came to user interactions in crypto gaming. Now, that’s not true anymore – more users are interacting with the Polygon chain rather than the Ethereum Mainnet.

That’s the thing – Polygon is a sidechain of the Ethereum Mainnet, which has long since been plagued by issues. Despite its popularity, Ethereum suffers from slow transactions and at times extremely high transaction costs have prohibited users from interacting with the coin as much as they may have wanted.

polygon cryptogaming

The new trends

According to recent analytic info from PolygonScan, some 531k addresses are registered on the network. Ethereum ‘only’ had about 472k at the beginning of October. That’s a fairly consistent number, at least for Ethereum – meanwhile, Polygon’s userbase has almost tripled its monthly users since August this year.

If you’re wondering why you should care – these two chains are both extremely central to the crypto gaming world. Polygon overtaking Ethereum not only marks an absolute first, it also spells change and a very positive future for crypto gaming at that. An example of this trend would be the incredibly popular Arc8 app – it promises to combine crypto gaming with esports. Users can play competitively against others and earn/win GMEE tokens while they do so.

These GMEE tokens are mined as users play – and they are part of why the Polygon chain has seen such a huge increase. The app Arc8 is gaining thousands of new users with each day – and right around the time that kicked off, Polygon’s stats blew up as well. Despite not having been out for long, the app is the biggest thing on Polygon, with some 257k active users each day. When it comes to the most-played blockchain games on Polygon, there are only two that are more popular – Splinterlands and Alien Worlds.

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What does this news mean?

Crypto gaming has so far been largely focused on the Ethereum main chain which means that it was actively hampered by delays and cost. Since Polygon eliminates the majority of these issues, this trend could directly lead to a speedup in the crypto gaming world. Even if it doesn’t, it shows that there is room to grow and for more efficient solutions to replace existing ones.

Arc8 is hoping to emulate the success that the original crypto gaming sensation Axie Infinity managed to achieve. Valued at several billion dollars, Axie remains the one to beat – all the more impressive since Axie is built on the main chain, and achieved its success despite the fees and costs that users had to contend with.