PS Plus Games For November Announced

Sony has announced the PS Plus games for November that will be made available for free, and it is yet another excellent selection. Nioh 2 is the standout title, and players can add it to their libraries alongside the other two November offerings: the LEGO Harry Potter Collection, and Heavenly Bodies.

1. Nioh 2: One Of The Best In 2020

Nioh 2 is the fantastic sequel to Nioh, but its setting precedes the events from the first Nioh game – in Japan in the early 1500s, known as the Sengoku era. Players will play as Hide, who is a half-Yokai (a supernatural being from Japanese folklore). These games are known for their difficulty, and similarities to the Soulsborne games.


Image Credit | Sony

Released back in 2020, like the original game, this title also received critical acclaim for its combat. Fans of Japanese folklore, history, and challenging bosses will certainly find a lot to like in this title. Unlike the original, where the character’s gender was male, players have the choice of going male or female this time. The two Nioh titles were some of the best from the previous generation, and getting one of them for free isn’t something to balk at. It makes a strong case for subscribing to PS Plus. If you own a Playstation 5, you’ll have access to a remastered version whereas PS4 owners will receive the standard version.

2. LEGO Harry Potter: The Best Of Both Worlds

LEGO and Harry Potter have both got their legions of fans, and fans of the two couldn’t have asked for anything better. The collection is divided into two parts with the first game dealing with years 1-4, and second part dealing with the rest of canon.

Harry Potter remains a pop culture behemoth, and this title gets across the playful vibe of both the LEGO toys and the franchise. Players can spend time playing the campaigns, or look up the side content, and unlockables. It’s always a great time to revisit Hogwarts – whether that be in book form, movie form, or LEGO form. These games are great for gamers of all ages.

3. Heavenly Bodies: For Gamers Captivated By Space Exploration

Heavenly Bodies brings something a little different to the table compared to the two games mentioned earlier. The two other games are set in fantasy worlds, while this one is set in space. This is a physics-based puzzle game where players will have to fix an inoperative space station either by themselves, or with the help of their fellow astronaut.

There is no larger narrative in this game, but as players complete each level, their experiences will form a narrative that is unique to them. This game has a calming theme that transports you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and into the gravity-defying abyss that is outer space. When looking for a game that isn’t as heavy on the action, Heavenly Bodies is a great hypnotic alternative.

No Word On How Long Games Will Be Available

All three games have a dreamy quality to them, and make an excellent case for why gamers should pay for the PS Plus subscription. There’s no news on how long these games will be available before players are incapable of adding them to the library, but chances are that they’ll be available till the end of the month – as is this case with October’s selection of Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2, and Superhot.