PUBG Weekly: Extra Life Weekend, PCS 3, Paramo

It’s a big week for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Over the past two weeks, a sharp increase in player numbers has been spotted due to the new season the upcoming season of the PUBG Continental Series (PCS). For the first time in over a year PUBG may reach 1 million concurrent players.

Season 9 launched just over a week ago on both PC and console. The new season and survivor pass, paired with the Esports Pick’ems are just what players need to return to the game in droves. Here’s a breakdown of everything going on with the game and PUBG Esports.

PUBG Extra Life Weekend

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PUBG Season 9: Discover Paramo

Season 9 is well underway with a brand new map and game mode. Paramo is the latest addition to the map pool featuring a 3×3 dynamic terrain that changes layout each time its played.

The new map is available as a special featured map, devoid of bots, red zones and cars. So far the reviews have been generally favorable, with some negative feedback towards decreased performance while loading into the map. Highlands is the lastest Survivor Pass paired with the new map and runs for only 2 months in total.

Only 50 levels (down from 100) are required to complete the pass  and receive all its rewards. The new pass also features a roll-over bonus which can earn you a free survivor pass in the following season. PUBG moved to a in-game currency method called G-Coin which can be used to pay for ingame transactions.

Through the Survivor pass you can earn a total of 1,000 G-Coin, which is the exact amount needed to buy the next PUBG survivor pass. This should theoretically mean that from this point forward everyone that buys and completes a survivor pass in its entirety can earn the subsequent one for free.

Additionally, Season 9 brought Solo Ranked queues to everyone’s delight. The days of toxic random squad mates in ranked play are behind us and everyone is now responsible for their own rank.

Finally, several tweaks have been made to weapons and item spawns on different maps and in general.

PUBG Continental Series 3

PCS 3 is starting up on the 6th of November across all four competitive regions. North America and Asia will commence on Thursday, while Europe and Asia Pacific start their run over the weekend.

We are going to analyze and predict outcomes at PCS 3 in a separate article. What is important right now is to link your PUBG and Twitch account in order to earn valuable Twitch drops during the broadcasts. You can earn a maximum of 30,000 Esports Points by watching the PCS 3 broadcasts on top of free Pick’ems Tickets. The points can be used in the PCS Esports shop to buy valuable item skins or a name change.

A flashy new teaser was also released this morning to get everyone hyped up for the event.

Tune in to to start earning your rewards and cheer your teams. Our Pick’em predictions and general analysis will be available on Thursday. Dont forget to check our dedicated PUBG News section.

PUBG Extra Life Weekend

This upcoming weekend (Nov. 7-8), PUBG Extra Life will try to bring the community together to raise money for a great cause. The PUBG Change for Good initiative set their goal at $20,000 with a broadcast featuring various PUBG Partners.

You can participate by directly joining the fundraiser and donating, or by simply joining the live stream event and pledging your support. Additionally, viewers can earn rewards by watching the Twitch stream and earn a free Luna Piena Crate.

All donations will go towards the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

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