PUBG: New State – Game Requirements, News, Trailers

Already, PUBG’s forays into the world of mobile gaming have made quite a few headlines – not only were gamers excited when the popular shooter first came to mobile devices, but the game also made even more headlines when it became central in several political conflicts in the Asia and Middle East regions, with some countries banning the app from the play and app stores.

PUBG New State

PUBG: New State, a new mobile version of PUBG directly developed by PUBG Studios and KRAFTON. Featuring a new map called Troi, near-future weapons, futuristic vehicles, and a bunch of cool gimmicks like drones, deployable combat shields and the like.

The trailer just dropped and its an absolute blast, and the game is set to launch tomorrow 11.11.2021 on Android and iOS.

A new slate for PUBG

This new title is finally developed by the same studio that created the original PUBG PC and console titles. Despite its name, the mobile version that has already been released wasn’t from them, but rather from Chinese tech giant Tencent. It was exactly what prompted plenty of re-iterations, bad copies and scandals over the past year. From India banning PUBG, to widespread cheat abuse with no handling, and a really poor approach to monetization via extreme microtranscations.

Now finally, the original developers are taking control. PUBG Studios are promising a lot – cutting edge graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming, and un-parelleled performance on next-gen devices. For what it’s worth, that might spell trouble for owners of slightly older phones.

We’ll have to hope that the devs include a potato version that lets users seriously downscale those ultra-real graphics so that players on older or weaker phones can also enjoy the game – ideally without much lag and stuttering. The reality of it will have to remain a mystery for a day or so! Thankfully it won’t be too much longer. You can officially download the game tomorrow and get the New State rolling.

PUBG New State System Requirements for iOS and Android

Your Android device will have to run with at least 2GB of RAM, and ideally be a release newer then 2017. While the official system requirements list Android 6.0+ and a “newer” 64-bit processor, just make sure your phone is not ancient and you should be fine. For iOS anything above Iphone 6S is going to supported in terms of the game running. However, for better performance Iphone X or newer  is recommended.

The good part is, settings will be fully tweakable for this title, and we might even have a command line to run specific console commands similar to the PC version. Soon enough competitive players will create the ideal settings for ultimate performance.