PUBG Corp. teases DC Villain outfits in ‘Prison Break’ event

PUBG Corp. just took to Twitter to tease an upcoming cosmetic content drop. The Twitter video showcased two players emerging from the prison on Miramar dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn.

In the past, PUBG on the PC has kept their outfits somewhat realistic, sticking with the lore of the world that PUBG Corp. has created. However, the mobile version has taken a different approach. On mobile, we’ve seen far wackier cosmetic items that break the boundaries of the lore.

With this latest cosmetic teaser video, it suggests that the PC version may also follow in the footsteps of the mobile version of the game and people are somewhat conflicted.

What to expect from the new Harley Quinn and Joker cosmetics

So far, PUBG Corp. hasn’t told us when the new cosmetic items will drop, instead of giving us the typical coming soon™. Since it’s Halloween, it’d make more sense for PUBG Corp. to drop the outfits sooner rather than later. As you can imagine, the PUBG community is a little conflicted about it. Some players are excited to see the new additions. However, others mention how they are frustrated at the idea that PUBG is slowly being filled with more unrealistic, over the top outfits.


© PUBG Corp.

One theory suggests that PUBG Corp. won’t be releasing the new Harley Quinn and Joker cosmetics as standard outfits at all, but they’ll instead release a DC themed limited time event. In this event, players may have to attempt to break out of the prison in Miramar. It obviously takes a detour from the typical PUBG game experience, but if it is offered as a separate game mode like the Thanos mode that Fortnite introduced to promote Avengers: Infinity War, I personally don’t see any issue with that. We’ll keep you updated on this as PUBG Corp. releases more details.

In other news, PUBG Corp. recently pushed update #23 to live servers for the PC version of PUBG.

Update #23 adds a brand new machine pistol called the Skorpion, and now that it has been a week since we’ve seen the update land, we can safely say it’s an incredibly powerful weapon. Unlike the Glock, the Skorpion’s recoil can be controlled without too much difficulty. It’s the kind of weapon you want to get up close and personal with, and it’s easily in line with other fast fire rate weapons like the UZI and Vector.


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Update #23 also added a much-needed change to the blue zone – it’s now easier to see through, making it harder for other players to hide in the zone.

The #23 update also added a number of Halloween themed items, too. This includes a killer clown outfit, a maniacal butcher’s outfit, an ancient mummy, and a bloody nurse.

What are your thoughts on PUBG Corp’s push to introduce even more cosmetics to their game? Do you wish PUBG Corp. kept their cosmetic items realistic and in line with the military and post-apocalyptic style outfits they’ve already released? Or, alternatively, do you like seeing cosmetics such as the Harley Quinn, Joker, and killer clown outfits?