Dive into competitive PUBG

“If you asked anyone a year ago about PUBG succeeding as an esports, most would say it’s an improbable or impossible venture.”

About two years ago PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds brought the Battle Royal genre to the forefront of gaming and streaming media with a game everyone seemed to want to play and stream. The genre then spawned countless games on various platforms like Fortnite, Apex Legends, CS:GO Danger Zone among many others.  As the player base of PUBG seems to dwindle as the genre popularized, the team at PUBG Corp. decided to double down and turn it into a full-fledged esport title.


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This year marks the first season of the competitive PUBG ecosystem. If you asked anyone a year ago about PUBG succeeding as an esports (after a few testing events), most would say it’s an improbable or impossible venture. Yet the esports team managed to come up with a ruleset and competitive system that plays out a squad matchup between twelve squads (so far) simultaneously and keep track of their progress on the way to the chicken dinner.

It seems PUBG Global Esports has taken best case practices from the competitive ecosystem of successful leagues like the OWL/Contenders and Riot’s LCS Promotion/Relegation blended all into one. We have 6 main regions (Europe, North America, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan) and 3 “wildcard” regions (Southeast Asia, LATAM and Oceania). On top of this an additional Stage system similar to the OWL that splits the season into 3 Stages with cross regional competition in between is utilized.

The first stage of the North American Phase 1 has already been completed in the past few months while the rest of the regions are just getting started and are headed into week two. The best American team thus far is Tempo Storm netting 368points and 214kills over 40 matches in the Phase 1 of the NPL.

We are going to follow the rest of the PUBG Leagues closely in the following weeks as they develop and competition settles.

For now all PUBG fans can head on to PUBG Esports website to get all the latest information about which esports organizations participate in each region and if your favorite esports organization is competing.

To all the fans of former LoL and CS:GO esports caster and commentator Leigh “DeMan” Smith, rejoice as heads up the lineup of the European PEL League.

By the way, ENCE plays in the PEL. #EZ4ENCE