PUBG partners with FACEIT to offer new tournament platform

FACEIT and PUBG Corp. have teamed up to offer a brand new tournament platform for PUBG competitions.

FACEIT is one of the leading tournament platforms on the internet, most known for their support for Counter Strike Global Offensive.

When playing CS:GO on FACEIT, players can climb up ranks, enter tournaments, and have the potential to go pro. It looks like similar functionality will be coming to FACEIT’s new PUBG section over the coming months.

Here’s everything there is to know about the new partnership and what we can expect from it.


PUBG FACEIT Partnership – Everything there is to know

Currently, FACEIT’s PUBG tournament platform is in closed beta. You can sign up for their beta by visiting the FACEIT blog post.

So far, we do not know when the FACEIT PUBG platform will leave beta and we’re also not sure how many people will be accepted into the beta stage.

It may be that those that already use FACEIT will have more of a chance to be approved. What we do know is that most active FACEIT members are getting emailed links to request access to the beta.

If you get access, you’ll have access to a number of features. The first of which is an automated tournament system.

With this, players, influencers, and tournament organizers can create tournaments from scratch, set up brackets, and have the tournament run through the FACEIT website. Stats from each match will automatically be fetched, so there’s no need to manually track scores or team performance.

ELO based progression will also be introduced to PUBG that will offer a ranking system for players to climb up.

Finally, leagues and ladders will be featured on the PUBG FACEIT platform. Daily ladders will offer small prizes whilst monthly ladders will offer larger ones. Prizes will be in FACEIT points which can be spent in the FACEIT store for digital items or real gaming gear.

If you’re a company in esports or you are an influencer, you will also be able to use the FACEIT hubs feature to create your own competitive community. We’ve seen this feature foster many competitive scenes across the world for CS:GO, so hopefully it’ll provide the same functionality for PUBG.

Why is the PUBG and FACEIT partnership such a big deal?

If you didn’t know already, FACEIT is one of the world’s biggest esports platforms. In Counter Strike, FACEIT has helped grow the professional community by hosting events for amateur players, tier 1 pro teams, and everything in between.

Platforms like FACEIT are what help to grow and stabilize a competitive community for a video game. If PUBG is ever to make it as a popular esport title, involvement from companies like FACEIT is absolutely crucial.

Because of all of this, the new FACEIT partnership is very big news for the world of PUBG. Even if nothing major comes from this partnership, at the very least it opens up new matchmaking opportunities for casual players.

What are your thoughts on this new announcement? Are you as excited about it like we are?