PUBG at Gamescom – everything you need to know

PUBG Corp. has a strong presence at Gamescom this year and they have already announced a lot of new content for PC and Xbox in a short time span.

Here is a look at the biggest PUBG Gamescom headlines in one place.

PUBG Xbox One full launch on September 4

This is big news for all PUBG Xbox One players – the game will finally be leaving early access on September 4 after being on the platform for almost an entire year.

With PUBG on Xbox entering 1.0, a number of big changes are coming. The first big feature is the introduction of Sanhok, a smaller 4×4 map that launched on the PC a few months ago.


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Xbox One will also be getting War Mode, a fast paced deathmatch style mode that was also originally tested on the PC.

PUBG Corp. also clarified that Xbox One players will be keeping hold of their achievements as the game leaves early access.

New missions and cosmetic unlocks will be available as part of the new Sanhok Event Pass. Players can purchase the Sanhok Event Pass to get access to even more missions and more rewards. It works similarly to the Battle Pass in Fortnite. New cosmetic items are being dropped that will be exclusive to the Xbox One and PUBG Corp alongside the Sanhok pass.

PUBG Corp. has also teamed up with Microsoft to release a unique $69.99 PUBG Xbox One controller that has exclusive trigger grips to help with more precise aim.

PUBG Dev Letter: server performance improvements

Alongside the Xbox One announcements, PUBG Corp. visited the Steam community page for their game to share some information about improvements coming to the PC server performance.


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There’s some complex information about the topic here, but essentially the last few updates for PUBG have brought some much needed improvements to how the servers perform and communicate with the client.

The work isn’t done yet, however. PUBG Corp. is still working on improving the server performance and they are now hiring new engineers to help solve the current issues.

PUBG PC training map

One of the most requested features for the PC version of PUBG is a gun range and training map. This feature has been available for the mobile PUBG game since it launched, but it hasn’t been included in the PC version.


© PUBG Corp.

Brendan Greene recently tweeted out that he has a new feature to announce during Gamescom. The feature wasn’t explained in his Tweet, but he included a screenshot that showcased a new area.

The area clearly had some targets in it – the kind you’d expect in a shooting range.

No details yet on when this feature will be coming, but this screenshot pretty much confirms it will be on its way.


That wraps up everything that has been announced by PUBG Corp. at Gamescom so far. It’s been a pretty busy week already.

Perhaps I’m being too greedy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up hearing more from the PUBG team before the week is finished.