PUBG Mobile 0.8 launches with Sanhok

Less than a month after Sanhok arrived on the Xbox One, it has now come to PUBG mobile. In the latest PUBG Mobile 0.8 update, a number of other new changes have also come to the game alongside the new Sanhok release.


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What’s New In PUBG Mobile 0.8?

Firstly, PUBG Mobile 0.8 adds the Sanhok map, which is arguably one of the most liked maps at the moment. Sanhok is a jungle map that was inspired by areas the developers visited in Thailand and the Philippines. There are many South East Asian influenced areas and in the future we may also get such vehicles. Recently, the PC version received a scooter and a Tukshai. These are not yet available on mobile.

In Sanhok, the map is far smaller. In fact, it’s four times smaller than the Erangel map. Despite being so much smaller, the map still fits 100 players at once. This means that players can get into the action faster.

Loot on Sanhok has also been improved which makes it easier for players to get geared up. If you get bored of the slower paced gameplay found on Erangel and Miramar, then you’ll find Sanhok to be a welcome surprise.

On top of the new Sanhok map, a number of other features have been added in the latest 0.8 patch. For example, the QBZ has been added – it’s a new 5.56 firing assault rifle and it can only be found on Sanhok. A new bulletproof UAZ and a muscle car have also been added to PUBG.

To get the armored UAZ, you’ll need to find a rare flare gun spawned in the world. You can then fire the flare gun into the air and the UAZ will be dropped down. We’ve seen this on the PC version of PUBG in the past.

PUBG Mobile is also finally getting the duckbill for the S1897 and S12K shotguns. With the duckbill, the vertical spread is reduced, but the horizontal spread is increased. We didn’t quite find out the full purpose for the duckbill on the shotguns in PUBG. It seems the bullet choke is still the best front facing attachment for the shotguns. You cannot place this on the S12K, however, but the S12K can take a standard compensator.

Besides the changes listed above, the new PUBG 0.8 update also introduced a large selection of optimizations and small tweaks. Shotguns in general have had a buff to their spread. All bullets will now penetrate water which will make it easier to kill swimming players. The M24 has also been removed from the airdrop, but the damage has been dropped to make it more balanced. There are now new settings for controlling the sensitivity on the 3x and 6x scopes and you will now have the ability to change the optical sight color or pattern on the red dot, holo sight, and 2x sight.

That pretty much wraps up all of the major changes in PUBG mobile 0.8.

What are your thoughts on the new Sanhok map release for PUBG mobile.