Long awaited Night Mode lands on PUBG Mobile

If you are a PC PUBG player, it might not exactly be the news you were hoping for, but PUBG Mobile has received a night time mode, along with a number of other Halloween themed changes. If you’ve been watching the development of PUBG since its early days like me, you’ll know that a night mode was in discussion at Bluehole, now PUBG Corp.


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So what is the new night mode on mobile like? And could it be possible that it may come to the PC version of PUBG in the near future?

New PUBG Mobile Night Mode overview – What to expect

Alongside a number of other changes in the 0.9.0 PUBG mobile update, night mode has been pushed to live servers. Currently, night mode is restricted to Erangel and it will be switched on randomly when you queue for a game. Whilst the mobile version of PUBG doesn’t quite have the same graphical quality as the main game, a number of lighting changes were added to bring night mode to life. It paints a picture of what the PC version may look like.

Firstly, the shadows are far stronger, with the moonlight casting light into the world. Despite it being night time, it really isn’t that dark, though. The visibility in night mode certainly isn’t anything in comparison to the thick fog you can sometimes get in the PC version of PUBG.

That doesn’t mean the PC version may not have a far darker option available for those players looking to sneak about in the shadows. I think it’s safe to say that the PC version will get night mode soon, too. It hasn’t been confirmed or talked about, but it would seem strange for PUBG mobile to get the feature and not PUBG PC.

In the past, PUBG players pleaded for a training range, but it arrived on mobile first. Later it got pushed out to PC and it was worth the wait. The training mode on PC is far more complex with its own parkour course, race track, stunt ramps, and weapon testing areas.


© PUBG Corporation

If you do play PUBG mobile, you may be interested to hear about the other changes that came in the 0.9.0 update. A number of Halloween themed features have been added, including new outfits, a new AKM skin, and a number of limited time in-game effects changes. For example, when you throw a grenade a spooky ghost face will appear the moment it explodes. The spawn island is also getting a Halloween makeover and Sanhok will be getting the QBU and Rony truck.

Expect to see all sorts of Halloween themed challenges and rewards as it leads up to October 31, as well. We are not sure when the Halloween content will be removed, or whether night mode will still be available after the Halloween content is removed.

The total file size for the new update is 608MB and it is already available to download on both Android and iOS.