NPL Phase 2 kicks off with a bang

Phase 2 of the North American National PUBG League kicked off last weekend OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach,CA. 16 teams once again battle for $200,000 in prize funds and a spots at the second PUBG Classic the GLL Grand Slam in July.

Week 1 went the way of Phase 1 champions Tempo Storm and eUnited. They got 4 wins (2 each) out of 8 matches. eUnited sits at the top of the leaderboard with 71 Points, while Tempo Storm sits at 4th with 56. Teams Lazarus and Cloud 9 did not win any Round last week but both managed to get a good amount of kills throughout the weekend which netted them 2nd and 3rd in the overall standings.

5 teams to keep an eye on at NPL Phase 2

Coming into this weekend, we list 5 teams that are going to leave their mark on the week and Phase 2 as a whole.


Coming into Phase 2 the squad of Shoot to Kill was picked up Lazarus esports. They squad had a solid run in Phase 1 finishing in 4th, followed by an amazing performance at the FaceIt Global Summit where they narrowly lost the trophy by just 4 points. With this experience on their backs the Lazarus squad is going to be a serious contender coming into the following weeks.


The retirement of Dylan “Dylhero” Bolduc-Fitzback and signing Viktor “Stab” Blæsbjerg from Overconfident in his place was the wind eUnited needed to get back on track in the NPL. This weeks performance was a far cry from last time we saw them at 12th in the standings. It seems the refreshed lineup can contest the top of the standings easily this time around.

Tempo Storm

The Champions have a solid game plan every week and they do not seem to falter on home turf just yet. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The motto TS goes by as they haven’t changed anything coming into Phase 2.

Wildcard Gaming

During the pre-Phase roster shuffle Wildcard Gaming signed Caden “CAD3N” Brill from Team Mustache Dave. He replaces Aussie Rifler Russell “Xtreme” Walters who went inactive. The roster swap seems to have increased Wildcards bloodthirst capacity as they look for fights left right and center. With the new point system benefiting teams that like going for duels, Wildcard is in a good spot to grab points even if they don’t win any weekly matches.


Cloud 9 changed a player twice in 2019. First Moody left and Lobes came in, then Lobes left and hwinn comes in his place. The core of Nerf, Pr0phie and Kaymind remains constant and it is this core that gets C9 a lot of the fuel needed to plow through their opponents. The Phase 1 runner-ups will not back down just yet and their Week 1 performance is showing just that.

The NPL continues 11th of May at 2:00 PM PT with the second eight game weekend. Tune-in tomorrow at for the best of the North American PUBG scene.