Official “Fix PUBG” site goes live to show optimization progress

PUBG Corp. has released a brand new website aimed at showcasing players their progress towards optimizing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Dubbed as “Fix PUBG”, the website responds to the overwhelming criticism the PUBG player base has given the company for their poor optimization efforts. PUBG Corp. has admitted on the website that their game needs a lot of work before it’s an acceptable experience both in casual play and for competitive esports.

Here’s a look at the Fix PUBG website and the promises from PUBG Corp. that come with it.

The Fix PUBG Website lays out an optimization roadmap

Quoted directly from the website itself, “FIX PUBG is a three months-long campaign to deliver the changes and improvements that you’ve been asking for.” The PUBG team has used the new website to show off their roadmap that details their plans for optimizing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds over the next few months. Players will be able to revisit the website as optimization continues to keep track of the promises PUBG Corp. is making.


The optimization roadmap has been split into five distinct categories:

  • Client performance
  • Server performance
  • Anti-cheat
  • Matchmaking
  • Bug fix & quality of life issues

The roadmap begins this August and will continue through to October. On the website, visitors can click on each individual category to read PUBG Corp’s progress on improving that specific area. For example, clicking on the client performance category reveals that PUBG Corp. first focused on improving overall frame rate, but now they’ll be working on fixing frame hitches and sudden freezes.

PUBG Corp. will also be working on optimization for live streaming and overall client player movement. These are just a few of the examples of one optimization category PUBG Corp. will be working on.

This entire project shows that PUBG Corp. is very serious about optimizing their game, both for esports and for casual players.

New content releases unlikely during this time

It should be noted that during these three months, the vast majority of PUBG Corp’s resources will go towards bug fixes and optimization. This means that it is unlikely we will see any major content drops throughout this period. Art assets like new cosmetics or maybe even new vehicles or weapons are possible, but consider that new weapons and vehicles still require testing and optimization.

This means that if you’re hoping for new PUBG content over the next few months, you shouldn’t hold your breath.


On the plus side, PUBG should be far more optimized once the three month “Fix PUBG” campaign is finished. Once the campaign is over, PUBG Corp. will still be working to improve optimization, but their resources will be more balanced out. This will mean that after October, we can start looking forward to new content updates again.

We know that a new snow themed map is being developed. It’s possible that this map will launch this Winter after the Fix PUBG campaign is completed. It’d certainly be fitting to have a winter map release scheduled for the holiday season.

What are your thoughts on PUBG Corp’s efforts to improve game and server optimization?