PUBG Pro Tips – 6 places to learn how to play like the best

Looking for some PUBG pro tips? Check out the resources we’ve listed in this article. We’ve scoured the web to find some of the top places to learn from the best.

You’ll find a variety of written PUBG guides, video, and live streams – use these resources regularly and you’ll be skilful enough to fight up against the pros in no time.

Shroud – The Best PUBG Player On Twitch

esports pubg pro tips shroud

When it comes to skill level on an individual basis, I think it’s fair to say that Shroud is one of the best PUBG players in the world, if not the best.

Shroud has years of experience playing high level competitive CS:GO – his knowledge from that game transferred well to PUBG.

Whilst Shroud might not always explain his gameplay in detail, you’ll passively learn neat tips and tricks simply by watching Shroud’s stream.

WackyJacky101 – The Best PUBG Video Guides

If you want to know the ins and outs of everything there is to know about PUBG strategy, WackyJacky101 is your man.

WackyJacky101 usually releases 6-7 minute long videos that cover very specific strategy guides in PUBG. For example, his inventory management video teaches PUBG players about the minute elements of inventory management that most people would look over.

You can tune into WackyJacky101’s videos here. – Best Written Guides And Videos

pubattlegrounds tips esports

PuBattlegroundsTips is the place to go if you care more about written guides and videos that cover the kind of topics that look further than your average gameplay.

Their parkour video, for example, looks at neat spots and positions you can get to with some creative thinking. Their ultimate weapons guide, on the other hand, is a compilation of data that compares and rates every single weapon amongst one another.

Official PUBG Forum – Best PUBG Community

Whilst there are plenty of resources online for learning how to play PUBG, sometimes the best way to learn more about the game is to ask questions directly to those that play it.

The official PUBG forum can be a great place to reach out to ask specific questions about Battlegrounds. Chances are, you’ll be able to get in-depth answers to anything you ask about the game.

Wtfmoses – More PUBG Breakdown Videos

esports wtfmoses pubg

If you head over to Wtfmoses’ Youtube channel, you’ll find dozens of videos that will provide you with more knowledge on how to play PUBG efficiently.

Wtfmoses covers everything there is to know about the game. All videos cover specific subjects, such as how to play better during the mid-to-late stages of the game.

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Thanks for taking the time to look through our overview of some of the best sources for PUBG pro tips. We hope the resources in this article prove to be useful.