PUBG Corp. shows pictures of Chinese Cheater Arrests

Cheating has been a big concern in the PUBG community for some time, but PUBG Corp. isn’t going down without a fight. Recently, PUBG Corp. published pictures of some of the 141 cheat creators in China that have been arrested so far.

Here’s a look at the pictures, the story behind why these people were arrested, and what it all means for the future of PUBG.

PUBG Chinese Cheater Arrests – The Full Details

In total, 141 Chinese cheat creators have been arrested so far. According to PUBG Corp, these individuals have had their hardware confiscated and they are now on trial.

These Chinese creators were all involved in creating cheats for PUBG in some way or another. Some of these cheat creators even included trojan malware in their cheats that scanned and gathered personal information from those that used them.


On top of the hardware being confiscated, a large sum of cash was found. According to PUBG Corp., more than 20 million Yuan in illegal funds was discovered as part of a raid on the cheat creators.

For perspective, this translates to just under $3 million USD. This is an unthinkable amount of money from what is expected to be just a small drop in the ocean of cheat creators working to profit on PUBG.

This issue is perhaps far larger in China, where the culture makes it more acceptable to cheat in games to get an advantage over other players. Cheating still happens in western culture, too, but it’s not as widespread.

With these arrests, PUBG Corp. is hoping that they can scare off other cheaters and cheat creators. This is also why pictures of the arrests were shared publicly.

Why Cheating in PUBG Will Always Be a Problem

The trouble with trying to tackle cheating in PUBG is that it’s always going to be possible, especially when cheat creators can make such large sums of money.

PUBG Corp. can actively release patches to slow down hack developers and arrest more cheat creators, but its the limitations of the engine that are always going to allow hack creators to find new ways to update their cheats.

With so much money on the line, most of the larger cheat providers undoubtedly have employees working around the clock to push out updates to ensure the cheat works at all times.

Cheating has always been a problem in games, but the problem has been particularly widespread in PUBG.


With it being so widely available, we do wonder how it may potentially impact competitive PUBG events.

In the past, there has been controversy surrounding players using cheats during competitive tournaments in games like CS:GO. Techniques are used to ensure players can’t install cheats or use hardware that gives an advantage, but this doesn’t stop players from cheating in online tournaments or in tournaments where there aren’t strict regulations.

With the usual 64-80 players per event, it’s also going to be far harder to monitor players and their equipment.

We are hoping it won’t happen, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the cheating scandal in PUBG only escalates with aspiring professionals looking to gain an advantage over other players in tournaments.

What are your thoughts on cheats and cheaters in PUBG? Do you think there will ever be a complete solution?

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