PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Corp. Unveils Huge 5 Year Esports Plan

If anybody ever doubted PUBG Corps.’ dedication to ensuring their game is a success as an esport, their recent 5 year plan announcement at a press conference in Berlin should remove those doubts.

PUBG Corp. has mentioned that they will be creating regional leagues and one major tournament like PGI 2018 each year. PUBG Corp. also said that they have plans for revenue sharing for professional teams.

Here is a look at everything PUBG Corp. unveiled for their esports plans this week.

PUBG Corp. Will Be Dedicated to Esports for 5 Years

The first thing to mention is that this plan will be set out for five years. It’ll mean that PUBG will have a strong, healthy esports scene to get involved in.

This is great news for esports teams and organizations. With 5 years set out in stone, anybody that may have been unsure about the potential future for a PUBG career, this should make things a safer bet.

5 years is often more than enough for most esports players to live out their entire professional career. Once the five years is up, if it is a success, PUBG Corp. will continue with a new plan.

Regional Leagues Will Start In 2019

To add more opportunity for teams across the world, PUBG Corp. will run regional leagues each year, starting in 2019.

To begin with, these regions will be North America, Europe, Korea, and China. If there is enough interest, more regions may be added in future years.

Each regional league will have prize pools and entries to the major international tournament. There will be one international tournament each year and this will have the lion’s share of prize pool money.

Revenue opportunities won’t stop at prize pool winnings, however. PUBG Corp. will be introducing team themed cosmetics for players to purchase. These items will have revenue sharing on them, which means teams will be paid a portion of the revenue generated for any items that are purchased.

PUBG Regional League

Valve does a similar thing with Counter Strike: Global Offensive esports via weapon stickers. We’re not yet sure how PUBG will split up the revenue, but Valve essentially gives themed stickers to all teams that make the major tournaments.

The sticker money revenue across all teams is collected up into one pool and is then split out evenly across the teams that make it into the major tournament.

This approach means that teams will be rewarded financially, even if they don’t have a popular following or don’t perform as well in the major tournament.

This would be a perfect system for PUBG, too.

It should be noted that with this approach, there won’t be any franchising, so any group of players will have the chance to fight their way into the international tournament each year.

PUBG Corp. will most likely share more information later in the year. For now, PUBG Corp. has the PGI tournament to run. The tournament will be running from July 25 to July 29.

If you’re interested in PUBG or you are curious about how the competitive scene works, now would be the best time to tune in over on Twitch or YouTube.