PUBG Europe League week 3: who will make it to the FACEIT Global Summit?

The final week of the PEL 2019 Kick-off phase commences on Thursday April 4th at 18:00 CEST. This week will finalize the standings and decide which four out of the sixteen teams will make it to the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic coming up in two weeks.


© Dominik (Styx)

So far, the competition was fierce between the European squads; yet no team has developed a very significant edge over the other competitors. Since the first Phase of PEL 2019 is set as kick-off system for the entire league, no team faces relegations for bad performance and many use it to hone their skill and adapt to the new competitive environment. The real underperformers until now are the two CIS squads, CrowCrowd and M19, who are having the toughest time adapting. They have netted 0 wins so far in the past two weeks and have showed a relatively underwhelming performance.

On the other hand, the squads of G2 and ENCE stand out to me as the most tactically diverse and “get to the action” oriented, out of the whole bunch. ENCE is in fact the current standings leader with 306 total points ahead of Team Liquid who are trailing with 274. To those new to the competitive system, a team scores one point for each kill per match and between 0 and 10 points based on what place the team took during each match.

Nothing is set in stone so far in the League and theoretically every team can still make it to the Top 4 and land that Global Summit invite. If we are to guess or place bets on who gets to come out a winner in Week 3, my money are on teams ENCE, NiP, G2 and FaZe Clan.

Meanwhile, the PEL has a strong Contenders scene that seeks to wrestle their way into the main league following the initial kick-off phase. In fact, as soon as the Global Summit finishes, the 16 PEL teams and the 16 best (out of 32) from the PEL Contenders will clash at a standalone tournament called the Kick-off Cup between April 30th – May 5th, 2019.

This is shaping up to be a real month of competitive PUBG all across the globe, which comes as a refreshment after the dip in numbers of recurring players, cheating controversies and rampant abuse of hacking tools that plagued the game for the past 10 months. With things finally looking up for the game, the guys at PUBG Esports created a sweet review of the social media buzz around the league in the past week. Check it out here.

Finally, enjoy Match 40 VOD from the amazing PEL Studio in Berlin.