Sanhok comes to PUBG on Xbox One

After what felt like a very long wait, Sanhok has made its way to the Xbox One. Sanhok is a smaller map that promotes fast paced action, quick duels, and tons of loot. Here is a look at the new Sanhok map and everything that comes with the new Sanhok expansion on the Xbox One.

New Sanhok Xbox One update – All there is to know

Firstly, with this new update, PUBG finally leaves early access on the Xbox One and enters full release. With the 1.0 release, the new Sanhok map has been added. It’s a 4x4km map, which makes it four times smaller than Erangel. With the same 100 players per map, you get thrown into the action quickly. There’s still opportunity to land at safe spots and get geared up before you jump into the action if that’s your style. Alternatively, you could drop into some of the most popular areas, such as the three main military camps or the resort.


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Alongside the new map, players will now have access to two new weapons. The QBZ is a fast-firing .556 assault rifle and the QBU is a .556 designated marksman rifle that is more accurate when you are lying down. A new vehicle has been added as well. It’s called the Rony – it’s a open back pickup truck that can fit up to four players at once.

A new cosmetic crate system has been added too. Players can earn crates for playing the game and then spend money to open the crates for a chance at new cosmetic items. Just like with the PC version of PUBG, the best cosmetic items are incredibly rare.

A new Sanhok Event Pass has been added with the new 1.0 update. There are two versions of the pass – a free version and a premium version that costs $9.99. Both versions allow players to earn experience from playing, level up, and unlock free cosmetic items. If you pay for the premium pass, you’ll get access to unique challenges only available on Sanhok. Both passes will let you complete daily and weekly challenges. Missions include easy things like play for 1 hour to more challenging things like deal 500 damage and kill 1 player in the same game. As you progress through the challenges, the rewards get better and the challenges become more difficult to complete.

There are also a number of new cosmetic bundles – the PUBG Starter Pack, the Sanhok Pack, and the Sanhok Edition. The first two include unique cosmetic outfits and the latter includes the full game, 2-300 G-Coin and a unique in-game cosmetic set.

Finally, a number of performance improvements have been included in the new update. More specifically Sanhok has received a new player and building rendering technique that will help to reduce the load on performance.

This should help the game to run smoother when more players are located in the same area at once.

What are your thoughts on the new Sanhok map? Will you be trying it out today?

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