StarSeries i-League PUBG Season 2 Announced

Starladder is making bold steps to be the biggest tournament organizer in the PUBG esports scene. After making an announcement for a new amateur PUBG cup for the CIS region, Starladder is back with yet another event. This time, they have announced Season 2 of the StarSeries i-League PUBG tournament. This tournament will include teams from around the world and will continue on from the first season, which took place in March 2018.

Here is a look at everything we know about StarSeries I-League Season 2 so far.

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StarSeries i-League Season 2 schedule and prize pool

This time around, the format for the PUBG StarSeries i-League tournament has changed slightly. The new stage will begin with the group stage. This is where a total of 16 invited teams will fight it out for a chance to enter the final stage. These 16 teams will be invited teams from across the globe, but they won’t be the finalists from the previous season. During the group stage, only eight teams will progress to the final stage. It’s here where these 8 teams will be joined by the 8 finalists from the previous StarSeries i-Ladder tournament. During the final, the remaining 16 teams will fight for a portion of the $100,000 prize pool. We can only assume that the event will be split similarly to the last season. ($50,000 for first place.)

The full team roster for StarSeries i-League Season 2 hasn’t yet been announced, but here’s a look at the eight teams that will make it into the final stage due to being a finalist in season 1.

  • FaZe Clan
  • Team Liquid
  • Vitality
  • Cloud9
  • Tempo Storm
  • Four Angry Men
  • OGN Entus Ace

If you’re interested in watching the event, you’ll be happy to hear that the tournament will take place during the end of August. It’ll be a 8-day event. Here’s a look at the schedule.

  • August 25 to 28 – Group stage
  • August 29 – Day off
  • August 30 to September 2 – Final stage

Both the group stage and the final stage will have a total of 24 matches. Like other PUBG competitive events, teams will be scored based on their team position and their number of kills. The team with the most points after all matches will be ranked number one.

Is this the start of PUBG’s future as an esport?

With Starladder being at the forefront of competitive PUBG, many are wondering who will be next on the list. Usually, all it takes is one tournament organizer to bring in good results for more organizers to see the value in getting involved.

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The first season of the StarSeries i-League PUBG tournament saw a peak of 17,535,768 viewers tune in. As expected, the vast majority of these were Chinese viewers. Without the Chinese, the peak was 91,993, which is still fairly decent for a new esports game. If StarLadder can pull in these numbers or better this time, then it’ll be great publicity for PUBG. If not, we may have to rely on support from Chinese organizers and Chinese viewers to keep the PUBG esports scene alive.