Top Esports on what helped them win PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 tournament concluded just last week with China’s Top Esports walking away with prize money of $180,000, the biggest prize in mobile esports history so far. It all looked so easy from outside if you are a spectator with each teaming playing a video game. However, just like any other sports, this esports also requires months and years of hard work and preparations.

But, along with the hard work, it is the trust among the teammates and relationship they share that often makes the difference between the winners and losers. This is what helped China’s Top Esports to bag the coveted title this year.

Top Esports win PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split Global Finals 2019

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The Chinese team in an interview to Android Authority credited constant practice, trust in teammates and the communication between them for the success. Each member of the team plays a different role; this according to the team helps them to play smoothly. Moreover, the team also admitted that realizing their mistakes and making efforts to correct them contributed in their win as well.

Speaking of the most essential quality that a professional esports player must have, the team suggested self-adjustment. “Sometimes you encounter difficulties and you have to be able to bring your mind back to the game and never give up,” the team members told.

For those who believe esports is easy, must think again as the team says, “There is no rest in esports.” Top Esports will be back to practice after taking a couple of days off. Their next target is the Fall Split and 2020 PUBG Mobile World League.

One question that every esports player would have faced and every wannabe esports player would have is – Will my family accept this as a career choice?

Spacestation Gaming, a team from North America that stood 10th in the competition, told Android Authority that their families were not receptive initially, but they eventually came around. Even Top Esports admitted that support of family, friends and coaches inspired the team in crunch moments.

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