Everything you need to know about PUBG: Vikendi Survivor Pass

This month, PUBG launched their third map, Vikendi, and now a brand new Survivor pass for it has been advertised on the front of the Steam store. In this article, we will be sharing everything there is to know about the new PUBG: Vikendi Survivor pass.

All Details About PUBG’s New Survivor Pass

First things first, you can still take advantage of the new Vikendi Survivor Pass even if you do not spend money, however the challenges and rewards available to you are limited.

The new pass features more than 300 missions to complete, including dailies, weeklies, beginner, premium, and challenge missions. The Vikendi Survivor pass also has a new level system, with a total of 100 levels to climb. As you level up, you’ll get new rewards from the pass. In total, there are 60 new items, including emotes, cosmetic weapon skins, and outfit items.


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If you visit the main menu in PUBG, you’ll see that the rewards tab has been changed to closely mimic the Battle Pass in Fortnite. You have a rewards tab that includes a number of rewards for basic users and then more rewards for those that pay for the premium pass. As you can imagine, the best items are exclusive to the premium pass. This time around, all items earned from the Survivor pass will be permanent, so no more of that limited time only stuff that caused so much frustration when Sanhok launched.

As well as being able to view all of the missions from the menu, you can now press ‘P’ whilst in-game to see all of your missions in a new in-game pop-up interface. The missions are in line with what we’ve seen before, including tasks like getting a certain number of kills, killing people with certain weapons, or using items like painkillers a certain number of times.

The missions certainly don’t add any meaningful content to PUBG, but instead give you things to focus on as you play the game we all know already.


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Finally, PUBG Corp has introduced a new coupon shop. Each time you level up, you’ll get a Survivor reward box and this can contain any random number of blue, yellow, or white coupons. You can then use these coupons in the new coupon shop on items like winter themed sweaters or weapon skins.

On one final note, the Vikendi pass will last a total of 10 weeks, after which point we can expect PUBG Corp to plan another content drop alongside a brand new pass. If you want to boost your way through the levels, you can also buy level packs that can boost you by 5, 20, or 50 levels at once. This is a similar tactic used in Fortnite so it’s no surprise to see it again in PUBG.

What are your thoughts on the new Vikendi Survivor Pass? Do you think it’s a good direction for PUBG Corp to go? Considering all of the items in the pass are only cosmetic, I think it’s a good choice that allows PUBG to get constant updates and free content drops.