QTCinderella and crew booted from Instagram after streamer drama

A whole gaggle of streamers is involved in this somewhat complicated feud. While QTCinderella ended up taking much of the flak, it was initially a feud between Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahren, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, Nick “Nmplol” Polom and Adin Ross. The aforementioned three insulted Ross’ fans by claiming they were ‘kids in high school who want to be cool’. This was following the rather explosive growth that content creator Ross has experienced.

Naturally, Ross wasn’t pleased – and when he called the others out for attacking his fans (coupled with a few return insults of his own), Ludwig sent Ross a private message to nip the conflict in the bud. Not unsurprisingly, Ross didn’t accept the request, given that it came from the person who caused it in the first place, and continued the feud in public.


QTCinderella and the rest

Up to this point, only the 4 streamers mentioned there were involved – but it didn’t stay that way. After Ross called Ludwig a ‘band geek’, both Ludwig and his girlfriend QTCinderella stood up for themselves – both were upset by what was happening. In the end, someone else stepped in – Richard ‘Banks’ Bengston from FaZe asked the Twitch streamers to put aside their conflict. Although they all apologized to one another, things weren’t quite over yet.

Well, Ross’ fans were just as if not more upset then their favourite Twitch streamer – after all, they had been insulted first, and rather baselessly so. The result of this upset was that en masse, Ross’ fans swarmed to Instagram and reported both QTCinderella and WillNeff on the platform. As a result of the huge report wave, both users were banned. This is particularly peculiar as, if you’ve kept up so far, you’ll notice that WillNeff had absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

The final confusion

QTCinderella subsequently tweeted and asked Instagram for help, saying that she’d not done anything worthy of a ban.

On the surface, this is definitely true, however some of Ross’ fans still report that fans from the other streamers – QTCinderella included – still troll his streams and stir drama. Of course, the same is true in reverse as well – there are some rather… colourful posts in the replies to QTCinderella’s Tweet for help.

There are tons of mocking replies to her post and others, combined with even more criticism against Ross and his fans. It’s hard to say, by the end of it, who was the most toxic or whose fans crossed the most lines – one thing is clear though – absolutely nobody involved in this conflict is entirely without blame. Well, except for WillNeff maybe, since he wasn’t involved in the first place.

By the end of this, several other unrelated Twitch streamers involved themselves as well – even Keem. Everyone had opinions on what happened, who was at fault and how it should have been handled. The one clear takeaway is this: There’s really no upside to streamer’s insulting other streamers’ fans!