RLCS Season X Lamborghini Open match analysis and betting tips

The final RLCSX North America Regional event has a huge sponsor to its name after Psyonix announced their latest partnership. Lamborghini, the bastion for luxary and speed makes its debut into Rocket League. It’s a match made in heaven, and they content both parties have planned is sure to make a lot of people happy.

The current season 3 is the ideal surrounding for this partnership too, it’s all about speed, after all! In fact, a lot of fans feel it’s been a long time coming for Lamborghini to partner with Rocket League – and now, fans can finally play in a Huracan STO. Naturally, the partnership brings with it a set of accessories for the new car as well, including the expected decals, banners, wheels and antennae.

As for the partnership itself, Lamborghini will be the head sponsor the upcoming RLCS Season X – Spring: Lamborghini Open, as the name reveals. That’s not all of course – with it also comes the Battle of The Bulls, a unique event in which ten high profile players will be competing. It’ll be a 1v1 setup featuring some of the most well-known names in the RL community. Each match will see $5k going to the winner and $1k to the loser.

Now that we have you up to speed, lets take a look at the NA RLCSX Regional Event 3 and the matches coming up this weekend.

RLCS Season X Spring – Lamborghini Open Betting Tips

All 20 teams are split into 4 groups of 5, and play a single round robin best-of-five format inside their groups to decide the teams advancing forward into Playoffs. Performing well earns them points towards the upcoming RLCS X Spring Major and a piece of the 100,000$ prize pot.

You can find the groups and match times here.

Judging by how the groups are split, Rogue and Soniqs are the teams to likely advance in Group A, while FaZe Clan and Spacestation Gaming are clear favorites in Group B. The next two groups are where things get real messy. Group C features Ghost Gaming, KC Pioneers, Stromboli and Envy all of which are likely advancing, but the seeding into Playoffs will be crucial for their performance here. Finally, Group D is likely having NRG come out on top, with G2 Esports and XSET fighting for preferential seeding.

The long list of games on opening day gives us solid picks for a big accumulator betslip. We use odds courtesy of GG.BET, and our preferred selection is illustrated in the table below.

Rogue vs Volt EsportsRogue to win@ 1.32
Soniqs vs OxygenSoniqs to win @ 1.6
FaZe Clan vs 72PCFaZe to win@ 1.3
Kansas City Pioneers vs StromboliKC Pioneers to win@ 1.29
SpaceStation vs ContinuumSpaceStation to win@ 1.24
Rogue vs Version 1Rogue to win@ 1.6
G2 Esports vs XSETG2 to win@ 1.3
SpaceStation vs Charlotte PhoenixSpacesStation to win@ 1.3

You can expect to get close to a x12 return on your investment using this accumulator entirely. Alternatively, you can make a system bet and go for 7 out of 8 matches. This would give some leeway to miss a match in case of an upset, but you will also have to increase your betting amount by around 30%.

Lamborghini Open – Battle of The Bulls

Two showdown events will be featured during the Lamborghini event in April. Specifically, on April 23rd to 25th, fans of both Rocket League and Lamborghini will be able to watch these epic showdowns. The participants and their matchups will be revealed on @RLEsports on Twitter just before the event.

Developer Psyonix will follow up the event with a cinematic video, as they called it, of the match, in which fans will be able to see highlights and more. It’ll be posted on the Rocket League Esports YouTube channel a little after the fact. We will update this section as more details come to light.

Finally, the Rocket League and a car brand partnership cycle is becoming a fan favorite. Most recently, Ford partnered with Rocket League and released a version of their F150 truck in-game. Now, barely two months after the Ford partnership, it’s time for Lamborghini to leave their mark on the Rocket League circuit. With how happily fans have responded to the new car and the added items so far, there’s no doubt that the whole thing will end up a smashing success!

We just hope somewhere down the line Škoda gets featured just for the memes.

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