We had a blast watching Rocket League in Fortnite for RLCS Worlds Finals

Right. Looper’s we decided to take the squad spawns to the Rocket League x Fortnite, Live Event over the weekend in between school shopping and pool time. There were some rewards to earn and quality family time to spend together.

Let me just say, they had a blast, us not so much.

Rocket League Fortnite

Getting our Rocket League ON

Silent Dragon and I are used to playing Battle Royal. Well at least until Fortnitemeres comes back. So for us, it was a little boring and repetitive after about 5-10 mins of game play. The spawns had fun that’s all that matters right? Even princess spawn was getting into it. I’ll have to get a pink switch here soon.

We did all receive the rewards for finishing the challenges, unfortunately tho, we had to watch YouTube clips of the actual tournament. Some times the in-game stream got buggy and broken.

So even tho we couldn’t watch it in the game we still jumped in and decided to give it a go. Silent dragon had participated in the previous events, so he had to continue his streak. The first choice we made was orange team or blue team.

Orange is Spawn 2’s favorite color. Spawn 1 chose blue. He did found out the hard way that he was alone.

Before choosing our loadout and perks we all stopped by and smashed the support a creator button. As im taking screenshots, unless you have proof it didn’t happen. Spawn 2 screamed “IT’S THE PUMP” of course I hadn’t even looked at the choices yet but already dragon was talking smack because he had his SMG.

Now that I already had my pictures, because let’s face it. I can’t play in game and screenshot at the same time. It’s just not possible on the switch. I seen the best thing I’ve seen in all Chapter 3. The AR.

Of course, silentdragon was like “I can’t have a shotgun and a SMG, that’s not fair!” At this point the spawns were giggling and the trash talking started. “HA now you can’t spray pray and then switch to the pump!” – “Spray pray! Booooyyy (in his Kratos voice)” it’s never a dull moment here.

Choosing the unlimited ammo was a no-brainer for me. Having my scar, my pump, and my ammo I was the last one into the chaos. When I entered I was taken to the safe area and spawned in only to be shot in the face after choosing my weapon upgrade. Spawn 1 had started a war.

Overall it was a good time. The spawns had fun, changing teams, going through the basement, over the obstacles and trying their hardest to kill their dad. The matches we did watch were filled with hype. We are not much of Rocket League fans, but its definitely a game we can look into as a squad.

Congratulations to Team BDS for winning the 2021-2022 title!

Until next time loopers! Gather your squad, harvest your resources, fill that shield, pick your load out, and get that victory crown. Over and out! Oh and watch out for falling dinosaurs and cars!

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