2019 Rocket League Pro Circuit revealed

Rocket League’s Pro circuit isn’t brand new, but this is one esport that with a die-hard following. While there aren’t too many stops on the circuit, organizers have promised there will be plenty to see. Along with dates for the events, 2019 will see DreamHack partner with Psyonix to put up some truly great prizes, and make this four-stop tour one to remember.


© Psyonix

If you’re new to Rocket League, well, where have you been? This great title pits two teams of four cars against one another on a giant football pitch. The aim, to score goals with the over-sized football that is bounced around the field. The entire thing takes place in a cage, meaning wall-shots and spectacular jumps form a regular part of matches. The Pro players have turned these sorts of plays into an art-form though and they truly are a joy to watch.

While not the first Rocket League Pro tournament DreamHack have hosted, this is definitely the largest. Fans of this title turn out in droves for live events, and the organizers are excited to make next years offerings even better than ever. Prize pools stand at a fantastic $100,000 for each championship stop of the tournament so there really is everything to play for. Each year the teams get better and better and there’s no doubt that this year will see even more epic goals and great team tactics in play.

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Not every stop has been announced but we do have the first two. DreamHack Leipzig will mark stop one, from February 15th to 17th. From there the circuit heads to DreamHack Dallas, running from May 31st to June 2nd. Further US and EU stop will be announced over the coming months to keep your eyes and ears peeled.


© DreamHack | Psyonix

32 slots are open at each stop, so entrants will need to get their sign-ups in fast. Once they’ve been sorted, DreamHack have promised to announce qualifier match-ups ahead of time. To keep things varied there will be a mix of online, invites and open brackets as well at each stop of the circuit.

DreamHack are not new to the Rocket League tournament world, in fact, they’ve hosted 3 tournaments in the last 2 years. This move though sees them put far more commitment behind the franchise, and a big push to have it continue to grow as an esport in itself. Without events and backing like this, great titles can often miss out on the publicity and growth other titles have seen in recent years, so this is fantastic news.

No doubt there will be even more events across 2019 for the fast-paced action of Rocket League but DreamHack are clearly pulling out all of the stops this year. Keep an eye out for your favorite teams and the qualifier round announcements which are likely to be early in the new year. Until then, we’ll just have to hope our favorites are in there. One thing is for certain though, next year is going to be better than ever for Rocket League trading.

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