ELEAGUE Rocket League Cup Finals Rundown – Looking at the finalists

Gale Force eSports were definitely the tournament favourites entering the finals, having not only won the Rocket League Universal Open (S1) and RLCS – Europe (S4), but also the present ELEAGUE event’s group A division. In group A, they were able to win all three games (two of which were clean sweeps) only dropping a single match amongst all the best of fives.


G2 Esports, while amongst the top teams, were expected to drastically fall behind Gale Force eSports in the finals, due to their mediocre track record and earlier 3-0 loss to GFE in group A. That said, they still managed to 3-1 their opponents in group stage (Ghost Gaming and Chiefs eSports Club).

Both from group A, they were paired against the top two group B teams, Mock-it eSports and Cloud9. GFE almost clean swept C9, taking out their first 3 games, C9 tried to bounce back in the Bo7 taking the fourth game (2-4) before eventually falling in the fifth game (5-1).

G2 however had a much harder time against Mock-It. While G2 strongly took the first match (2-0), their subsequent games were much closer. Mock-it were able to re-bounce quickly after their first loss on DFH, knocking down G2 (4-2) in Mannfield. Unfortunately for them, G2 were somehow able to hold off against them for games three, four and five, all three having a mere 1 match difference between them.

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The Finals

After the semi-finals, fans were almost certain that GFE would easily defeat G2 once again as they did in the group stage. However, taking the championship would not be easy for either team, the finals reaching the maximum seven games in the Bo7.

rocket league eleague

The first four games saw each team take two wins each, with every game showing a clear victor (3-4 round differences). The stakes certainly raised in the fifth round, with the victor being provided a huge advantage as they only needed one more win to take out the ELEAGUE cup. With both teams being extremely tensed up and playing on the defence, GFE managed to take victory by scoring only a single goal against G2.

G2 was then pressured to take out game six or face yet another loss to the tournament favourites. Surprisingly, under all the pressure, the sixth game was once again a close battle, G2 managing to scrape a win (2-1).

The seventh game was make it or break it, the arena being Champions Field, a fitting map for the last game of the ELEAGUE Cup. Once again, another close game had taken place, this time, the tempo of the match increasing in comparison to the last two previous games. G2 took the early 2-0 lead, establishing their dominance in the early half. With less than two minutes left, G2 took another successful shot, keeping their 2 point lead on GFE (3-1). From then on, they went on hard defence, stalling the ball, with the score only closing (3-2) with a mere 40 seconds left. While GFE desperately tried to take the initiative and score to get a tie with the remaining time, they were unable to do so, giving the win to G2 Esports.

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