Roller Champions cross-invite on August 16th – Pitz Derby joins in the fun

Roller Champions players, rejoice! Our favourite skateboarding while shooting hoops game now supports cross-invite, enabling players to matchmake by choice with players on different platforms. Whether it’s PC, PlayStation, Switch, or Xbox, there are no boundaries on whom you may bring out the hoops on.

Starting on August 16th, all players regardless of platform can invite each-other and play. We’ve been waiting for this a long time. Roller Champions true competitive potential can finally be unlocked.

roller champions cross-invite

The original Cross-Invite promo post from August 10th

Roller Champions Cross-Invite Gameplay

Roller Champions much like its “rival” Rocket League, requires intense maneuvering around a small stadium. Furthermore, once you got hold of the ball, best bet that your opponents will be aching to snatch your ball. The same applies when the roles are reversed, where you have to get the ball back from your opponent, whether you are tackling or juking. Hence, Xbox and PSP joypads are likely the most immersive experience for this purpose.

We finally get an invite option for players to create squads across platforms and compete together. The opportunities for competitive play and esports just rose dramatically.

Pitz Derby 2022 Fall Split

In fact, the Pitz Derby 2022 Fall Split will be the first esports event to have crossplay cross-invite enabled. Qualifiers begin on August 20 and 27, just days after the Roller Champions Cross-invite update goes live. This is the perfect spotlight for any roller skaters, who are enthusiastic about the Roller Champions competitive scene.

Pitz Derby cross invite

Roller Champions recently reached a peak of 54,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch, which is a good sign of interest for the emerging Esports title. It’s a 3vs3 MOBA that is skill-intensive yet offers flexibility in how a player wants to play.

Disregarding the Roller Champions ranks and esports scene, the game offers many casual modes that will surely make for fun times with friends. And don’t even get us started on Roller Champions cosmetics from the Season Pass for the fashion enthusiasts!

Here’s how you can have CrossPlay enabled and be Cross-Invite ready on August 16th.

Enable Roller Champions Crossplay

Much like many other Ubisoft games, they have made Roller Champions Crossplay very easy to enable from the comfort of your Settings menu. For Xbox owners,

  • Open Settings from your Xbox home screen
  • Go to General > Online safety & family
  • Select Privacy & online safety > Xbox privacy
  • Press View details & customize
  • Choose Communication & multiplayer
  • Lastly, select Allow on the “You can join cross-network play” toggle box

For other platform players,

  • Launch the game
  • Select your avatar in the top right corner of the screen
  • Choose Settings > Gameplay tab
  • Toggle Enable Crossplay to On
  • With that, you are all set to search match and expect to meet fellow non-Xbox players

Is Roller Champions Crossplay permanently activated?

No, the crossplay feature is optional for your matchmaking, so feel free to disable the setting accordingly. There are situations when a player would want to just play with other same platform players, just because of potential maneuvering advantages that Xbox and PSP consoles offer.

This is an important consideration, especially during ranked matches, where your Roller Champions ranks are at stake. Another concern that may strike Roller Champions’ esports format is whether crossplay should be enabled in tournaments or only on a specific platform. An esports at such an early phase will surely require a long learning curve, so any benefit counts, and we are not yet certain of the advantages that specific consoles or PC brings. An alternative esports title, Rocket League is a good example of a crossplay-enabled game, where the advantage of consoles no longer outweighs one’s skill.