S04 vs FNC – DraftKings LoL LEC Top Showdown Picks for April 2

Fnatic and Schalke 04 both ended the regular 2021 LEC Season with 9-9 records, but FNC’s Streak earned them a winner’s side Playoffs berth. Schalke gets their chance for revenge in a Playoffs elimination match for 5th place on April 2nd. The tension makes this a perfect match for a $1,200 Showdown Draft. Set your DraftKings fantasy League of Legends Showdown lineup here: LEC Showdown $1.2K Skill Shot (S04 VS FNC)

Fnatic LEC DFS


UpseT ($15,900 CP)

$50,000 across just four players gives us plenty of cash to work with, and we’ll need a lot to put UpseT as our first Captain. The German AD Carry currently occupies two out of five slots for Most Kills in the LEC Spring Playoffs, both on Kaisa. His 8.5 Season KDA combined with an impressive 8.6 CSM make him a precise time limit for the enemy team.

Abbedagge ($15,000 CP)

The midlaner for Schalke 04’s unique Champion pool makes him a threat against any squad. His metagame-defining Orianna sits at an 83.3% win rate for the year, but several successful one-shots like Ryze, Ekko, Syndra, and Nocturne make him a threat before the game even begins. His active play has netted him an impressive 410 GPM despite a 66.5% kill participation. Those are vital stats for fantasy, so we’ll give them a 1.5x boost as our second Captain.

Others to consider: Nisqy ($15,300 CP)


SelfMade ($9,400)

Fnatic’s Jungler is an extremely valuable player in the early game. His averages for the Season include;

  • +6.9 CS Differential at 15 Minutes
  • +249 XP Differential at 15 Minutes
  • 33.2% First Blood Participation
  • 3.6% First Blood Victim

He’s one of the best Junglers at closing out the win, and he’s very, very good at getting ahead by the crucial 15 minute mark.

Gilius ($9,000)

Fans applauded God Gilius’ return to Schalke at the beginning of 2021. His teamfight prowess with Hecarim has greatly contributed towards the Champions’s prominence, and offbeat picks like Pantheon can round out otherwise shaky drafts. While his CS differentials are modest among Europe’s greedy Junglers, his 37 assists against G2 last week make him a solid pick to leave us with just $100 extra.

Others to consider: Bwipo ($8,600)

Set your DraftKings fantasy League of Legends Showdown lineup at: LEC Showdown $1.2K Skill Shot (S04 VS FNC)

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