The Shiba Inu universe expands as Shiba Eternity is announced!

Everyone’s favourite meme dog is back with the upcoming SHIB themed gaming title, ‘Shiba Eternity’.

This recent announcement has come at a good time, with the crypto bear market in full swing. This could be what we have been waiting for!

With how recognition of the Shiba Inu has become over the past 12 months it will be interesting to see where this new announcement takes both the SHIB craze and also crypto as a whole.


Image Credits | Shiba Eternity

The announcement

The news came via the official Shiba Inu Twitter account as follows:

“We are proud to reveal the name of the Shib CCG game, Shiba Eternity™!

We are working alongside @PlaysideStudios on a testing schedule and exciting release!

The game will be available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.”

Since the tweet went live, a great reception has been received. Many fans have been left wanting to know more!

Another interesting point is the fact that the title will be released on mobile devices. With how popular mobile gaming has become, it is no surprise they have taken the title in this direction.

It’s also important to note that mobile phones in general are highly popular. This ultimately allows their user base to exceed that of the traditional gaming console due to how accessible they are.

Discord update

If you are already engaging with Shiba, you may be aware of the updates in their Discord chat.

An Eternity channel has been created for users, allowing them to receive news and updates on the game whilst also allowing the community to blossom for this title.

Who knows there could be some big things to come in this Discord as they historically allow the developers to solidify their relationship with players engaging with their content.

Potential giveaways and incentives? Only time will tell!

The Shiba Inu Game

Shiba Inu Eternity crypto game

One thing many will be most interested in is the actual SHIB Inu game itself and how the gameplay will work out.

So far, we are aware that this upcoming title will be a trading card game, a genre that has seen an explosion in popularity.

Players will have access to ten thousand unique Shiboshi heroes and a wide variety of cards that they will take with them on their adventures.

The storyline is described as highly captivating, one that will immerse the player for sure. However, nothing much has been elaborated on further for this new game. So be sure to follow the official Shiba Inu Twitter to be kept up to date with the new announcements they bring!

Shiba Inu is definitely on our radar! As mentioned, check out their Twitter to be kept up to date.

Trials for this release are said to be coming very soon, so be on the lookout for those also!

In the coming months we hope to learn more about how the SHIB token is linked to the game or if it is at all and if this title will replicate previous crypto gaming titles that players know and love.