Sigma’s Maestro challenge offering Overwatch rewards this month

Overwatch is currently running a special event called Sigma’s Maestro Challenge for players to earn in-game rewards. Whether you play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Switch, you can earn yourself some cool loot by playing the game – and by winning, of course. Don’t worry, you can pick from several game modes and play your favourite!

You have until July 27th to earn as many of the available rewards as you can – don’t worry, there are tiers so you can still get some things even if you can’t beat all the challenges. On offer are things like icons, emotes, sprays, and the titular Sigma skin Maestro. In total, you can gain up to 9 rewards by playing the game.

Sigma’s Maestro challenge offering Overwatch rewards this month

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Sigma’s Challenges

The primary way to get the rewards in the Sigma Maestro challenge is to win games. You can play Arcade, Quick Play, or Competitive Play in order to win two new player icons, a legendary Sigma emote and then finally the Sigma Maestro skin. The new skin features hero Sigma in a rather dapper suit, complete with a coiffed hairdo, glasses, and violin-inspired armor plates on his shoulders and arm.

3 wins will get you two icons, 6 wins the emote, and 9 total wins the skin. If that’s not enough, there is also another way to earn yourself some sweet loot – there are a total of 6 sprays that you can get by watching Twitch streamers play Overwatch!

The usual Twitch Drops mechanic is at work once again. To be able to claim rewards, you’ll have to first make sure that your Blizzard profile is connected to your Twitch account. Then, tune in to any streamer that is playing Overwatch. There are six sprays up for grabs – the first one you’ll receive after 2 hours of (consecutive or non-consecutive) watching. Another 2 after 4 hours total and the final three sprays will be added to your account when you’ve watched a total of six hours.

Don’t worry if that seems long – you do have until the end of the month to get there! July 27th is the last day you can earn yourself these cool rewards.

That music… it’s playing again!

In addition to the in-game rewards and Twitch incentives, there is also something else for fans – an Overwatch album, of the musical kind. The Cities & Countries soundtrack will feature the themes of the different Overwatch maps and missions – and you can listen to it on a variety of sources.

Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, and Apple Music each have the recordings – and you can also head to to check out more info on the album.

Whether you want to listen to the album or not, though, be sure to update your game as soon as possible if you are planning on playing in the next few weeks – there is a number of game files to download. Set the game to update in the background so it’s ready to play whenever you are!

If you want to get hyped in the meantime, here is the trailer for the new challenges.

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