Singapore Major 2021: EG clowning or Invictus Gaming reverse sweep

Invictus Gaming pulled off a reverse sweep against Evil Geniuses when they were two games down at the Singapore Major 2021. While fans celebrate the fact that EG got reverse swept embarrassingly, we overlooked that EG still played incredibly well.

Who’s to “blame” for this result. Did EG clown around or IG is just the better team.

Singapore Major 2021 Grand Finals

Evil Geniuses continued their flawless executions with “Abed” Azel L. Yusop’s Storm Spirit being in the spotlight. Little did he knew, IG had no intentions of losing a clean 0-3 sweep. They started to regain some footing against Abed’s elusive plays, and against all odds, IG secured their first win.

But what really set the stage for IG’s success onwards was Zhou “Emo” Yi’s iconic question mark in the chat. Emo has resorted to mental warfare after clinging on the third game, and it’s working. Abed continued to play his signature Storm Spirit till the bitter end while letting IG pick Phoenix every single time. Those Phoenix’s Supernovas were game-changers as the delayed stun caught EG players off for overextending the fight.

Then it was the decisive game 5, where Hu “kaka” Liangzhi stole the show with his timely initiations. Despite being a mere support Lion, he was responsible for sending EG carry players out of fights before it even begins.

EG bags 3-0 at the Singapore Major

In an alternate reality, EG would have secured the third game after thirty-six minutes of bloodbath and a 14,000 gold lead. Abed was on point with hunting down Emo, but his constant dives got the better of him. At late game, he still aggressively initiated on IG, and with BKB at only 5 seconds duration, he’s dead meat the moment IG lands any disable on him.

Now, if EG had won the third match, everyone would have agreed that the North American powerhouse is the undisputed best team in Dota 2 period. As for IG, we imagined that many would say they didn’t stand a chance or weren’t worthy of the grand finals. Fortunately, an overblown best-of-five final occurred instead. Yet, everyone seems to have resorted to bashing EG’s poor performance in the last matches.

Yeah, sure, Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang missed one too many Blackholes that only caught a channelling Supernova. But besides that, iceiceice played his role decently as an offlaner that willingly sacrifices for his carries. Those highly-anticipated 5-man Blackholes didn’t happen, but iceiceice was in no way a pushover.

Memes over glory

All said and done, the social media is flooded with Emo’s hilarious move, the question mark. The question mark is usually used to call out an opponent’s questionable play, a diss. However, there’s more context in what actually occurred than meets the eye.

EG’s attempt to halt IG’s push was met with blunders. Not only did IG managed to escape with Underlord’s Dark Rift, but they killed Abed just in the nick of time. Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, who barely survived the encounter, still decided to chase Emo, who noticed that he was already low on health. As he did Arteezy a favor by killing him off, he sends out the question mark in the chat before EG called GG. With that in mind, most of us probably would have done the same in our pub games if we were in Emo’s shoes and we were pricks too.

The question mark meme really got out of hand with Twitch chat stats off the charts too. Another meme that was going around was about iceiceice’s Blackhole that only caught Supernovas, much like in a galaxy. This turned into a fictional science show which taught us that Blackholes probably can’t suck the Sun.

In hindsight, the whole reverse sweep at Singapore Major 2021 is still the talk of the town. However, it’s important to remember that EG won many games to make it into the grand finals and is undoubtedly a reliable team in Dota 2 betting. But, who are the real Evil Geniuses eh?