Pokémon Unite India Open comes with a hefty prize pool and is open-to-all

Skyesports Pokémon Unite Indian Open features $27,000 in prize funds, qualifiers are ongoing, and the final is scheduled in December. Finals are hosted in a LAN with fans from around the nation. Skyesports holds the event in collaboration with The Pokémon Company.

Pokemon Unite India Open

While Nintendo isn’t as keen on having various tournaments for their games, this one seems to be an exception. Since the ban on BGMI in India, there has been a massive void in the mobile gaming sector. With the sector of the industry being one of the biggest in the entire market, it was surprising to see no other game take advantage. Pokémon Unite seeing this void took the plunge and now become the major competition for the industry. With it being an MMOBA game and with India being impressive during the recent commonwealth games in DOTA, there has been unprecedented hype for the game.

Pokémon UNITE India Open Structure

While trying to create a platform for all players of the game, the organizers at Skyesports have made registrations open to all interested parties. Players from the smallest regions of the nations will be facing off in teams of five to move ahead in the tournament. The registrations have been extended to November 27th, and there has been a healthy number of sign-ups.

Due to there being better mobile phones and internet infrastructure in India, it is easier for players from remote locations to try their luck and display their skills. The players from the country have been split into multiple zones which are

  • South India
  • North India
  • East India
  • West India
  • Central India
  • North East India

Each zone will be having their qualifiers that will be taking place from today (21st of November) onward. Once regional competition ends, the zonal finals for each zone commence. The top four teams from each zone will then advance to the National Playoffs, which will be live-streamed for fans. This will take place from Dec. 3 to 13. From these games, the top two teams that are left will have their final battle in a LAN event in the city of Mumbai.

Shiva Nandy the CEO of Skyesports has stated the following concerning this tournament:

“We are thrilled to be working with The Pokémon Company to bring the biggest esports IP for Pokémon UNITE in the country, the India Open 2022. We are working to make Pokémon UNITE a household title for Indian audiences and families. The zonal-based format will ensure maximum regional penetration and will boost participation from the grassroots level as we look to grow and support the game in the country.”

Previous Pokémon  Unite tournaments in India

Pokémon Unite on the esports side of things has been growing at quite a rate within the nation of India. The first-ever LAN event for the game took place last month. During that tournament, we got to see the likes of: True Rippers, Revenant Esports and S8UL Esports compete.

It seems this was simply the start of the growth of the scene for the game. The gameplay seen by the players was quite more systematic, when compared to the high-octane side seen by other South East Asian Teams.

Recently Red Bull also had their MEO season 5 event which as well hosted a Pokémon Unite event. The game was between Revenant Esports and True Rippers. While the first match was quite the sweep for True Rippers, the second one is what caught the eye of many. With there being just 30 seconds left True Rippers were below by 100+ points but by defeating Rayquaza and killing the entire team of Revenant Esports, they could dunk a total of over 200 points taking the lead and suddenly winning the game.

This just serves to illustrate who you need to watch out for at this upcoming event.

Previously we had predicted how Pokémon Unite can take over the mobile gaming market in India. As such it has only been shown over time that they can go even higher than the likes of BGMI. If organizations like Skyesports can create a healthy infrastructure of hosting tournaments for games like this, it will be only a moment in time before we see more fans and players getting the exposure they need to play this game in an international environment. Last season of the game we got to see only one team make it into the international tournament. It could be a matter of time before we get to see even more teams battle it out during the South East Asian tournaments as well.