Snow Sweet Snow Breakdown and Playoffs Predictions

Amidst the Dota Pro Circuit 2021, the folks at Relog Media has taken the opportunity to host a Dota 2 tournament of their own. With 50,000$ on the line, they gathered a formidable group of participants.

Snow Sweet Snow is marked as a tier3 competition, but based on what we’ve seen thus far, that’s far from accurate. Here’s a breakdown of what went on in the Group Stage and our Snow Sweet Snow playoffs predictions.

Snow Sweet Snow Dota

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Snow Sweet Snow Playoffs Teams

The tournament featured of a full-course group stage and now a 12 team playoffs stage. The group stage lasted for six weeks, with five scheduled matches weekly. All matches until the grand final are best-of-three, with the grand final being a best-of-five.

What makes the Snow Sweet Snow #1 event highly supported is the well-fitted schedules that did not collide with the Dota Pro Circuit 2021. This allows participating teams to take these matches as scrims while competing in the DPC 2021. Speaking of teams, several invitees are from the CIS Upper Division of DPC 2021 (Team Empire and EXTREMUM).

More teams from the Lower Division of DPC 2021 made up the rest of the contestants. From Europe Lower Division, there are Hellbear Smashers, Hippomaniacs, Spider Pigz, Brame, Creepwave, burjui, and No Bounty Hunter. Whereas, from the CIS Lower Division, there are PuckChamp, Imperial Pro Gaming, and XactJlepbI.

Lastly, Nemiga Gaming, Zero Respect, Level UP, and NoUndying are the less familiar squads in the competition.

The four eliminated teams were: Nemiga, burjui, Level Up and Zero Respect.

Snow Sweet Snow Playoffs

Hellbear Smashers plowing head

Notably, the most seasoned team of the bunch, Hellbear Smashers, is a squad led by former 5men player Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard. Ace once played for powerhouse teams, such as Team Secret and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Hellbear Smashers is a worthy competitor in the Europe Lower Division and is already stomping the competition there. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be long before they qualify for the Upper Division next season. Anyways, at the present time, Hellbear Smashers already secured an upper bracket slot for their dominating streak at Snow Sweet Snow. With just one more win, they will be eligible for a top-four finish and some prize pool winnings.

Out of their league

Two CIS Upper Division teams found themselves in the bottom side of the bracket after lukewarm performances.

Team Empire is seen as the prominent team, as far as standing goes on the DPC 2021. Unfortunately, their reputation did not speak for themselves as they struggled to make it to the upper half of the group. For the most part, Team Empire’s roster is a rather unseasoned one, but they still made it to the Upper Division comfortably. Perhaps the opponents’ anonymity got the better of Team Empire as they lose to NoUndying, PuckChamp, and Hellbear Smashers. Not to mention that they even forfeited their match versus Zero Respect, tipping their scores towards the short end.

EXTREMUM, the other CIS Upper Division team also suffered a similar fate as they will play in the playoffs’ lower bracket. However, EXTREMUM was pretty close to making it into the top seed with a similar win-loss ratio with Hellbear Smashers and PuckChamp. However, the single losses from every won match eventually add up, which incurred a lower score for them.

It seems like there’s a defined trend in which teams stood above the rest however.

Most prominent DPC teams also secured a favorable spot in the bracket. Creepwave had a promising run in their respective group, while they are also the top seeds in the Europe Lower Division. Spider Pigzs and PuckChamp are also following closely behind. Nevertheless, it would be a shame to count the other competitors out too early as several of them are also qualified teams in the Lower Division of DPC 2021.

Snow Sweet Snow Playoffs Predictions

Straight off the bat, I am fully confident Creepwave and Hellbear Smashers win their Winner Bracket duels and advance to the upper finals. For the Lower Bracket, we can expect the CIS powerhouses in Extremum and Empire to rally onward and win at least their opening duels.

The tricky part comes when trying to predict the winner between No Bounty Hunter and Brame as well as, NoUndying and XactJlepbI. My gut tells me to go against the grain and the predicted winners and predict NBH and NU as winners. There is even an opportunity with just these 2 matches to make a 5.73x return on your bet at GG.BET if you wager on them outright.

As for all the other match ups you can expect a 4x return on an accumulator bet, if you omit the two mentioned above and only bet on Empire, Extremum, Creepwave and Hellbear Smashers.

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