Solana joining the CryptoGames casino world, big deal for the industry

Online gambling site CryptoGames has built itself a reputation for being a solid gambling site in the cryptocurrency world – in fact, one of the most well-known cryptocurrency casinos in the world. Now, the company has chosen to expand its offerings with a whole new currency – Solana!

Solana works on solving many of the problems that currencies like the more popular Ethereum has. Everything from scalability, gas transaction fees, and lack of eco-friendliness. Solana improves on these existing problems by relying on a more efficient algorithm, and a unique way of verifying transactions on the blockchain.

Naturally, being more flexible and scalable, Solana is a top choice for crypto gambling, and the newly launched currency didn’t waste any time either. CryptoGames has enabled the use of the currency all over the virtual casino. Players can use the currency to make deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges all over the site. All 9 games that are available on the site can be played directly using Solana. The impact of this move could be way wider reaching.

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A trustworthy option

Despite being comparatively new, Solana is considered fairly trustworthy and quite reliable, as far as crypto goes. That means it’s a good choice for supporting gambling, where transparency, clean records and overall trust are key factors for every participant and gambler.

CryptoGames is the first online casino to adopt Solana – within a year of its launch. So far, it has held up its promises of solving Ethereum’s issues, making it a more convenient choice for gamblers everywhere, who no longer have to pay the often-exorbitant fees that Ethereum, for example, comes with.

Like with other types of crypto, users who want to use Solana on CryptoGames need to make a crypto deposit so they can play and make their bets. If there are winnings to be paid out, they receive the relevant amounts back into their wallet. You can even go and exchange bitcoin etc that you may own into Solana before playing with it, and of course, receiving your winnings in the very same Solana coin.

Greater impact on the industry

Solana making the first step into crypto gambling is important for both esports betting and crypto betting as well. The latest move will serve as a proof of concept, and will likely result in Solana becoming available with more gambling providers and esports betting sites. If everything goes smoothly from here on out, expect Solana to become a worthwhile addition with providers already offering Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Only time will tell how things will evolve from here. Yet, the latest surge in value on crypto markets spells good times for all tradable cryptocurrencies.

Mel Hawthorne

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