Sportsflare brings a new “Bet On Yourself” product

Sportsflare is the betting division of Tiidal Gaming Group, an esports platform company operating in betting, content, media and competitions. The focus for Sportsflare is creating new betting experiences for betting operators with its proprietary technologies in esports betting. Its products range from its esports odds feed, BetBuilder, to the revolutionary Sportsflare Bet-on-Yourself (BoY) infrastructure for skill-based wagering.

Many different esports betting sites use Sportsflare’s platforms to increase their esports betting options. Fundamentally, Sportsflare believes in the growth of esports betting and its ability to eclipse traditional sports betting in the near future. This is why the team at Sportsflare has a wide variety of experiences in fields that will help disrupt the current sports betting marketplace.

Sportsflare Bet On Yourself

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Sportsflare “Bet-On-Yourself” Product Overview

The latest product is Sportsflare’s Bet-On-Yourself, which allows you to place a wager on your own home gaming action. The skill-concept itself isn’t new to the betting world, and there have been versions of head-to-head and price-fixed formats in use for a while. However, there are various issues with the execution of these ideas that have led to poor player retention.

From the player’s perspective, head-to-head wagering was problematic because they needed to wait for a partner to accept the bet. For fixed-price, betting operators struggled to cover all skill levels when setting the odds for these games. All of that is fixed in Sportsflare’s BoY infrastructure, which is designed to eliminate the hassle of these traditional issues.

In the Bet-On-Yourself infrastructure, it is a player versus the environment set-up with individualized odds for every gamer. Based on a player’s profile, the platform generates odds on an individual to accomplish certain feats. Now they can bet on themselves in a streamlined process that doesn’t put too much onus on the player themselves.

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There are also significant risk-management measures in place to ensure users cannot try to cheat the system. This keeps the system profitable for betting operators who utilize this product.

The infrastructure is designed to work across platforms, so it will be available to all gamers regardless of their console. It is also going to be available 24/7 with support always available, and a projected 15-percent profit margin. At the moment, the platform is ready for Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone with more esports titles — League of Legends, DOTA 2 and VALORANT — prepared to be released soon.

Why Bet-on-Yourself?

There are many reasons why Bet-on-Yourself is the perfect addition to any betting operator’s esports betting options. As the popularity of esports grows, that market share will always pale in comparison to the number of gamers worldwide. The non-esports fans who still love to game are a sizeable, untapped population. Sportsflare “Bet-on-Yourself” platform is a way to engage these gamers in the esports betting world.

“Although esports has grown into a major revenue driver for sportsbooks, gamers are a significantly larger and currently untapped demographic,” Sportsflare founder and Chief Product Officer Kenny Jang said.

“We see this as a high-potential market to pioneer through our scalable B2B solution.”

A recent projection from Entain valued skill-based wagering on Bet-On-Yourself at $10 billion in the next five years. This valuation is five times the size of the current esports betting handle in the world. That opportunity for growth is hard to ignore for betting operators looking to bulk up their esports betting operations. As esports betting becomes more prevalent, more gamers are going to be intrigued by the option to bet on themselves.

Another reason to like the Bet-On-Yourself infrastructure is it solves the key problems with current skill-based wagering platforms. There isn’t an onus on the player to record and submit results in order to get paid out. Betting operators aren’t taking as big of a risk that players are gaming the system to increase their own odds. And the process itself from betting to playing to payout is far more seamless and frictionless, making gamers much happier with the product.

Bet on Yourself with Sportsflare

Sportsflare Emerging

Finally, Sportsflare itself is an emerging company with some of the brightest young minds in esports betting technology. It is focusing on the cutting edge technology within the esports betting market, and revolutionising it. It is a leader in developing the next trends within the community, and Bet-On-Yourself is just the latest example of Sportsflare being ahead of the curve.

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