StarCraft Remastered DanJJING SL Season 3 Enters Final Stage

DanJJING Star League Season 3 is the most important StarCraft Remastered online tournament in June and July. After more than a month of intense matches, the event is ready to crown its winners. Just two players are still in the mix as we found out today that Action claimed third place at the expense of Mong. The most important and anticipated match of the entire competition is scheduled for Tuesday. On July 24, Best and Larva will meet in the grand final after surviving some really exciting games in the playoffs.

Mong and Action play for the third place

Since June 5, weaker players were filtered out of the competition, but we also witnessed the departure of some of the toughest contenders. Best was the only Protoss player to make the quarterfinals, but he cruised past two Terran opponents, Mind and Mong. The latter suffered a sweep in the semi finals and was ready for the final match against Action. He had a good percentage against Zerg players, but took on a player who hasn’t lost a single match until the semi finals.


Action didn’t have the luxury of qualifying directly to the second stage, but he cruised past opponents. He was on the verge of defeating Larva after taking a 2:1 lead, but his fellow Korean staged an incredible comeback. Mong and Action played today for a third place worth $650 and it was the Zerg player who came on top. He prevailed in four matches losing only on the Polaris Rhapsody map, which favors Terrans in TvZ games. Mong bowed out from the competition graciously and was awarded $280.

Best vs Larva go all-in for the trophy

The best Protoss player and the top Zerg in the StarCraft Remastered DanJJING SL Season 3 will meet in the final. As anticipated, they have reached the decisive act and will compete for the lion’s share of the guaranteed prize pool of ₩5,000,000. The winner will receive $2800, significantly more than the $940 reserved to the runner-up. Money is just the tip of the iceberg, because the one who prevails will also get the bragging rights and the prestige of winning a prestigious online tournament.

Larva Starcraft Player

Past performance as well as recent results suggest that this match is likely to be a coin flip, therefore difficult to predict. Larva has the best chance to win on Fantasy II and La Mancha, where Zerg players have traditionally performs better than their Protoss counterparts. These were also the maps that have sent Larva to the final, after a rather slow start in the semi finals against Action.

Polaris Rhapsody is another map that slightly favors Zerg players while Best should have an advantage on Transistor. Best lost just two games during the StarCraft Remastered DanJJING SL Season 3 on Polaris Rhapsody and La Mancha both against Mind. The match is scheduled to start on July 24 at 12 PM GMT, with bookmakers expected to publish the odds several days in advance.