StarCraft Remastered DanJJING Star League Season 3 reaches quarterfinals

One of the most important online StarCraft Remastered tournaments hosted by Afreeca has entered the decisive stages. DanJJING Star League Season 3 started on June 5 and will conclude on July 24, 2018.

Matches are played mostly over the weekend, which explains why it took so long for the quarterfinalists to be decided. The tournament had a balanced lineup of Terran, Zerg and Protoss players and the weaker ones were filtered out during the group stage.

DanJJING Star League season 3 format

A total of 24 players qualified for the event and an additional four joined after receiving direct invitations. In the opening round players were divided into six groups of four players each. Two would advance to the next round, where they would join the four players who were invited by the organizers. This meant that in the advanced stages of the competition, professional players will have an advantage over those who went through grueling qualifiers.

The group stage was played in a best of one format, with the top two most successful players advancing. In the next round, the surviving contestants were once again split into four groups of four players each. Larva, Last, Action and Best joined them at this stage and not surprisingly pro players dominated the groups. They got the victories needed to qualify to the next round as winners. In the elimination stage, players who finished the group stage on the first position were pit against the ones who finished second.


The quarterfinals stage is currently underway and we only know the names of two semi finalists. The eight player single elimination bracket decides winners based on a best-of-five series. “Best” was the first to qualify, albeit at the end of a highly contested series in which he won 3-2. This weekend he was joined by Mong who finished second in Group D. He calls the major upset by defeating “Last” in four games.

Prize pool and favorites

The matches played during the group stage, as well as those in the elimination round are played on the same four maps. Fantasy II, La Mancha, Polaris Rhapsody and Transistor were chosen for the StarCraft Remastered DanJJING Star League Season 3. If the score is tied after the first four matches, the decisive game will be played once again on one of the aforementioned maps.


The guaranteed prize pool of ₩5,000,000 pales in comparison to what the best paying esports events offer to participating players. However, for an online StarCraft Remastered tournament, unfolding mostly over weekends, it is not a sum to frown upon. The equivalent in dollars is roughly $4670, with the winner receiving the lion’s share of $2800.

Larva is the main favorite, but he needs to overcome Calm in the quarterfinals before defeating either Action or MIso in the semi finals. The runner-up will get $940, the last player on the podium will collect $650 and the one in fourth will receive consolation prize of $280.

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