StarCraft Remastered KSL Season 2 begins on September 17

Blizzard has just announced the date of the StarCraft Remastered KSL Season 2. Those who watched with interest the first season should know that the second one starts on September 17. This means that they have two weeks left to register to compete in the upcoming tournament. 10 days after the registration ends, online qualifiers start on September 27 and conclude one day later. The offline qualifiers take place on September 13 and the ones who succeed will be joined by the top four finishers from the first season.

KSL Season 2 ends in December

The second season of the prestigious StarCraft Remastered league will bring back in the spotlight some of the best players in the world. Yoon Jong Jung, Jae Dong Lee, Min Chul Kim, and Sung Hyun Kim will be joined by 12 other participants, based on their results in the Season 2 Offline Qualifier. During the round of 16, the matches will be hosted by the Jade Hall, so the fans will be able to watch the games in real-time as they unfold. All the matches will be broadcasted live on the official Korean StarCraft Twitch channel.


The application submission for the competition ends on September 23 and the group stage lasts between October 18 and November 23. The playoffs start on November 19 with the quarterfinals, while the semi finals are scheduled for December 6 and 7. Organizers have yet to announce the date for the final, but we know that the decisive match will take place sometime in mid-December. These are the most anticipated matches for StarCraft Remastered fans and they will be watched by a big audience in South Korea.

Jaedong and Last play the KSL Season 1 Final

While players already prepare for the second season, we are yet to learn the name of the player crowned winner of the first. This week, the playoffs stage began and four players advanced from the quarterfinals. During this phase of the competition, winners were decided at the end of a best-of-five series and Zerg players were the most successful. In spite of having just two representatives, both Jaedong and Soulkey qualified at the end of highly competitive series.

In the semifinals, they were joined by Protoss Rain, and Terran player Last, who played for a place in the final in the last two days of August. Rain was completely outplayed by Jaedong who swept him in four straight games to book a seat in the final act. He will be joined by Last who needed six games but prevailed without much of an effort. Ultimately, none of the four Protoss players who qualified for the playoffs made it to the final, which is scheduled for September 8.

The players eliminated in the quarterfinals received a paycheck of roughly $2700, while Rain and Soulkey received a paycheck of $5442 each. The winner will receive a bit north of $27,000, while the runner-up will be compensated with $9000.